How The ‘Big Easy’ Is Making Us Sick


People often ask how to increase energy, boost their moods, avoid stress and anxiety or lose weight. They want to know how to manage disorders such as auto immune, celiac or gluten intolerance.
We are all being blinded as to how the ‘big easy’ is making us sick!

The reason this happens is mostly due to the current health care system. When you have a symptom, it is isolated and treated separate from the rest of the body.
This usually is done with drugs or surgery or therapy that focuses on that particular area.

I rarely offer any kind of advice here and the reason might surprise you!


Integrative Lifestyle Coaching addresses these questions in a very different way from the conventional norm.


The Big Easy Is Making Us Sick!

Each of us is a unique and individually complex organism that consists of body, mind and spirit. All of these systems work together and form the person we are.

This is why it is impossible to determine any well defined course of action by simply addressing the component that is not working.

It would also be foolish to use the same technique on everyone just because they are exhibiting the same conditions!

Our existence here is woven from a fabric of many experiences, habits, influences and surrounding conditions. These are the things that determine our individual strengths and weaknesses.

I may develop digestive issues that eventually become chronic.  This can be a trigger for food intolerances as well as auto immune disorders and many other symptoms. 

Another person may be unable to control their sugar intake while still another may be overdoing salt or starches.

Some of us may have a weakness for gossip or slander. 
Others may be extremely sensitive to it and get stressed when they are exposed!

Growing up in an abusive environment can set us up for a wide variety of triggers.

Being in a currently abusive or stressful domestic environment can create all sorts of tendencies.
These tendencies begin as survival techniques, but over time may become still another form of self abuse.

There is no ONE solution that will work for everyone.


Perhaps it is stress that triggers your digestive upset. 

Maybe I grew up eating junk food. Now I am faced with an extremely stubborn inability to maintain healthy weight.

Some of us may set unrealistic goals based on a corrupted idea of what a healthy weight is…for us.

It may be that you are unable to say ‘no’. 
This can cause you to resent other people for imposing on your time and space.

Did I grow up believing in a jealous and angry God? Is the God of my understanding a threat to my immortal soul? How could that be a comfort to my heart? 

If you are unable to get a deep and satisfying amount of sleep, is it because you are thinking too much?
Could it be caffeine?
Or maybe you just need to establish some relaxation rituals to prepare!

We have been taught to believe there is a one-size-fits-all method that will fix us fast and without effort.
This is the ‘Big Easy’. This big easy is making us sick.

What is boils down to is that many of us will have the same issue with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but for reasons that are as diverse and individual as we are from each other!


What we all have to face is extreme marketing of conflicting information!

Every day there is a new diet or supplement or surgery or pill that promises to fix what is wrong with us. These products are marketed as quick, easy and fast solutions.

Industry marketers are well aware of the things we struggle with.

They know that constant exposure will make it difficult to resist quick, tasty, easy and big payoffs.

They know that a majority of the population will become obese, emotionally frustrated or simply apathetic due to getting repeatedly caught up the latest quick fix trends.

They know the power of the ‘big easy’!

That is why keywords such as ‘diet’, ‘weight loss’, ‘stress’, ‘anxiety’, ‘depression’ and ‘get rich quick’ are in all of our news-feeds.

It is why so many evangelists, preachers and churches are ridiculously wealthy.

Horrible livestock and farm conditions are now the norm due to marketing these systems. 

They routinely use psychology, statistics and offer ease and convenience as a substitute for healthy living. 

This is one reason why medications and luxury possessions are creating massive wealth for the shareholders.

Shiny objects are much more attractive to most of us then taking the time to actually do what works.

We are all expecting these products to manifest the ‘big easy’ into our lives.


Integrative Lifestyle coaching is not a one size fits all system. It incorporates the entire body/mind/spirit when determining the underlying triggers. We connect the triggers to whatever condition has manifested as a Result of our lifestyle habits.


What I recommend for everyone:

1- Follow a generally healthy lifestyle that includes a variety of fresh, organic and colorful fruits and veggies.
2- Get lots of fresh air and at least 30 minutes of daily exercise.
3- Find and follow a spiritual practice that brings a sense of peace and well being into your life.
4- Reach out and connect with others in friendship and fellowship often.
5- Empower yourself to maintain a healthy, positive space in your public and private life, including your job or career environment.
6- Get enough deep and restful sleep each night