Should there be an emerging trend in our society to begin supporting value over price?

I do not give away all my clothes or furniture or so called ‘excess’ just because I haven’t used it in awhile. There is certainly a great value in detoxing junk and worn out items on a regular basis, of course. Being generous with hand me downs and donating to charitable causes is vital and much needed. But… I was raised in a time where waste was a big mistake. Purchases were made based on quality of material, workmanship, durability and anticipated lifespan. If a winter coat was a bit large but of excellent quality and well tailored it would last longer. Style? Not nearly as important as durability and quality. A lot of our ideas on clearing out old stuff is purely commercial brainwashing and this specialized coercion has been building our throw away society for over a century.

Consider what value and durability has been replaced with!

*Corporate warehouses with cheap, imported junk that will break within a year or two.
*Elimination of craftsmen and small businesses.
*Expensive licensing, insurance and regulations for anyone wanting to start a company.
*Creating impossible bulk purchasing standards of cheap goods with cheap price-tags that the average entrepreneur cannot hope to compete with.


Talk about monopolies!


Not to mention pollution!


All our junk is poisoning the planet and making us sick.


We must all be getting tired of hearing about new phones or appliances that talk and have internet access! My old refrigerator built in the 60’s is still working fine. Our furnace was installed when the house was built in 1927. It still works.


It is appalling to see my cellphone and ipad no longer being updated or getting security patches because its 4-5 years old?
My grandma had the same phone in her house for her entire life!


You can never convince me that quality and lifespan is suddenly not possible.


Wages have been stagnant for decades and prices are going up.
We are being herded into complete dependency on a few massive conglomerates.


The biggest problem I see is that the majority of folks are blinded to this.
We ignore small businesses and support the very system that is taking away our rights, our power and our ability to provide for ourselves.


We need to step up and support our own town, neighbors and fellow citizens.


Could we look a little closer at resale shops, hand crafted furniture, clothing, tools and household goods?


I will never buy a new appliance. There is a second hand appliance outlet 8 miles down the road with rebuilt or refurbished appliances, that will likely last for decades.


There are hand made quilts and pure cotton sheets to be found that will live longer than me.


We can do better then this.


I am aware that we are in so deep at this point that is impossible for many of us to change our purchasing habits due to affordability, but we can make better choices, at least some of the time.


We can still turn this around, one purchase at a time.

Become aware of local businesses and support them when you can!!!
Choose quality and durability whenever you are able to.
Support local farms, buy eggs from your neighbor, support organic and humane, it is worth a few extra minutes to contribute to a very much needed change.

We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something today. this can and will become a tidal wave down the road.

Let's do this!