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Quick Start 7 Day Smoothie Challenge

Community Support Offered June through September!


What to expect:


During this smoothie challenge, you will commit to replacing one meal or snack each day with the delicious, nutritious smoothie of your choice.

You will get your own ‘smoothie builder’ formula.

Includes recipes, customizable shopping list, member platform and private discussion group.


This smoothie challenge is for you if:


You would like to easily include more fresh fruits and veggies into your daily diet

You would love to have more energy

Losing a pound or two is on your agenda

Your time is limited


Healthy Lifestyle Academy

This fun and easy challenge takes place inside of our private members only site.

You will enjoy the following features:


Personal, customizable profile and member directory

Members only invitations to attend fun workshops 

Graduation diplomas and badges

Video introductions and tutorials

Daily Affirmations to keep you uplifted and positive

Simple. Delicious. Easy.


1- Get several servings of fresh, raw, nutrient packed fruits and vegetables in every day.

2- Discover the energy and clarity that comes from a super-nutritious meal.

3- Increase the variety of anti-oxidant and healthy benefits of many different fruits, nuts, healthy fats and vegetables.

4- Feel full and satisfied without processed junk food.

5- Enjoy the synergistic effects of combining a large variety of colors and nutrients.

6- Supply your body with a satisfying meal in mere minutes with very little prep or cleanup.

7- Smoothies are portable and can easily be carried to work or kept in the fridge for a couple days.

Special FREE Bonus!

You may retake this challenge as often as you like
Continue in the community for the entire summer to stay accountable and on track
Restart anytime if you get sidetracked.


Enjoy daily supplementary information on how to:

*Eat clean and organic
*Controversial Ingredients and how to avoid them
*Acid and Alkaline
*Energetic’s of food and how they may affect you


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My mission is to be part of the solution!

 My programs and services empower women to embrace the truth of their own beauty and perfection.

 In this space we define and establish healthy, authentic and sustainable mind-body-spirit lifestyle practices.
 Integrative Lifestyle Coaching includes the full spectrum spirituality, fitness and lifestyle balance.
 I am an Attuned Reiki Master Teacher and am qualified to offer a variety of services which can incorporate Reiki sessions with my  Integrative Coaching programs.
 I am also a survivor of long term childhood abuse; physical, emotional and spiritual. Offering support systems and tools for women who  struggle with anxiety and low self esteem due to childhood trauma is my specialty.
 Together, we use a holistic approach to wellness and build a balanced and vibrant lifestyle.

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