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Spiritual Cleanse With Meditation

4 units 28 Lessons : Plus Completion Bonus

The Spiritual Cleanse with Meditation course is structured as an action based experience. Discover techniques that will open and balance your spiritual, mental and physical growth.

Get in touch with your inner self.  Grow spiritually and learn to let go of things that do not serve you.

Unit I : Preparation and implementation

 Contains an introduction to the Spiritual Cleanse with Meditation course with access to your Meditation Manual, supplies list and links to all the support tools you will need to have the best experience.

In this unit we will be learning about what meditation is and how to set goals and intentions to use in our meditations. You will learn how to use a journal to organize and track your progress. We will begin practicing meditation daily and learn to effectively implement the practice of meditation into your daily routine.

When you have completed all the lessons in this module, you be directed to a short quiz where  successful completion will enable you to access the next unit.

Unit II : Establishing A Meditation Practice

 In this unit, we we will uncover obstacles and roadblocks that may interfere with our intentions.
We will also begin to use our body to enhance our focus and concentration by learning postures, mudras and breathing techniques for focus and grounding.
There is also a discovery lesson that reveals some surprising historical and current methods and uses for the practice of meditation.

Upon successful completion of the follow up quiz, you will gain access to the next unit.

Unit III : Tools, Tips & Benefits Of Meditation

 This unit will show us that meditation is used as a form of prayer, spiritual practice, professional development, and both mental health and educational enhancement.
We will also learn about the various tools such as color, scent, visuals and mantras to enhance our enjoyment and concentration.

Take your time and practice the valuable lessons in all the units. That is the best way to gain the full value from this course!

Once you feel you have mastered this unit, take the quiz to gain access to the next unit.

Lesson IV : Yoga And Chakras In Your Meditation Practice

This is a fun and exciting unit! We will begin to some easy yoga poses and find out how to balance and tune in to our chakras. We will also learn how to fit a regular meditation practice into our daily lives…without the struggle. We will also learn some active meditation methods that can travel with us throughout out daily activities.

Once you have successfully passed the final quiz and completed all of the lessons, you will be able to enjoy the Free Bonus: Yoga and Journal Challenge!
You will also be qualified to enroll in The Reiki Training course.
This course is a spiritual healing course that gives you the tools and knowledge to administer Reiki Spiritual Healing for others, for pets, to infuse objects and much more.

Begin The Spiritual Cleanse With Meditation Course Today

You will have 28+ self paced lesson plans with encouragement, support and guidance, learning a variety of useful methods of meditation. You will discover techniques that will open and balance your spiritual, mental and physical growth. This will give you the best advantage in creating a personally tailored meditation practice. While meditation focuses mainly on the spirit, you’ll create positive changes in your mind and body as well. It is an experience not to be missed!

Reiki Master Course

Once you have completed the Spiritual Cleanse with Meditation course successfully, you will qualify to enroll in Level I reiki training.

This is a 4 part course that takes you from reiki novice all the way to Reiki master Healer/Teacher.

You may progress as far as you like, provided you complete and achieve certification for each level.

Purchasing the entire 4 part Reiki Training course up front, and thereby commiting to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher (which the world has a great need for in these times) will get you a very special discount.

Coach Theresa

Integrative Lifestyle Coach
Reiki Master Teacher

I am committed to your success in this important spiritual practice. Using all the tools and support available will ensure that you will have a fun and beneficial experience!
You will want to take advantage of the comment section below each lesson to complete some of the assignments and to exchange information with other members.

schedule a private consultation

 I am available for private consultations in the event that you would like to explore any blockages or other issues.
My job as your coach is give you a safe space to explore what is working, what is not working and help you to brainstorm solutions and break down your potential solutions into action steps that can be measured and altered as necessary.
You may schedule follow up consultations as needed.

Special Offer- Bonus Yoga and Journal Challenge!

Once you have completed all four units in the Spiritual Cleanse with Meditation course, you will be rewarded with this fun and challenging introduction to Yoga. It will bring you the opportunity to practice your meditation skills in a new and powerful way!

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