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“I would like to take a moment to say what a pleasure it was working with Theresa during the last 3 months. Theresa has a kind, caring, non-judgmental approach that opens you up to her. With Theresa s help I was able to narrow down some of my unhealthier lifestyle choices and she encouraged me to take baby steps instead of changing everything all at once. This helped me to continue with the changes throughout the week and begin adding another small change every other week. I really enjoyed the pantry makeover video we made together”

Cheryl Miller


“My top goals working with Theresa were to lose weight and get back to clean eating. I wasn’t feeling well, had put on weight and had no motivation to lose it. She had great suggestions for snacks and encouraged healthy choices by providing recipes, information on food choices and self care. I would describe Theresa as caring, informed and very knowledgeable. She is dedicated to the success of each person”

Sherry Bitely

Private Consultations


I am committed to your success in this important mind, body, and spiritual journey.

I am available for consultations in the event that you would like to explore any blockages or other issues that may be interfering with your objectives.

My job as your coach is give you a safe space to explore what is working, what is not working and help you to brainstorm solutions. We then convert your potential solutions into action steps that can be measured and altered as we progress.

You may schedule follow up consultations as needed.

Private Consultations take place via Whereby video conferencing or by phone.

Fill out the following information below and you will be taken to a checkout page.
Once payment is complete you will see a confirmation page with a link to the booking calendar where you can schedule your appointment.

You will receive a confirmation message in your email shortly after. There will also be a reminder the day before and one shortly before the meeting is scheduled to begin with the link to my private video conference room and a phone number to call according to your preference.

At the time of the appointment, just click the link and you will be sent directly to the waiting room, there you can ‘knock’ and we will begin our call.

A private consultation is scheduled to last up to 60 minutes. This is for a one time video or phone conversation.
My fee is $90 at this time.

Note: Private Coaching Packages are a different product and are priced according to individual terms determined at consultation.

You agree to prepare for our video consultation by doing the following things:

  1. Use an approved browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Vivaldi
  2. Be sure your browser is properly updated
  3. Close all open windows, files and applications before entering the video conference room
  4. Turn off any other devices that may be using your wifi signal or bandwidth
  5. If you are a heavy internet user, especially if you watch a lot of video: please restart your device before the consultation begins
  6. Disable incoming calls, notifications and messaging before we begin

You may schedule a consultation at any time and obtain support in any of the courses or programs you are enrolled in.
You may also schedule a consultation if at any time you would like to discuss other lifestyle issues and explore options for further support.




Coach Name: Theresa Sailor

Please read before continuing:   Private Consultation Agreement

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