“I have something to offer other people”


Did you know that helping others to think more positively is a wonderful way to support and reinforce your own positive mindset?

When we are in the company of happy friends and family we automatically feel better and more secure.

For some of us, we have an important mission to accomplish!

Especially if many of our friends and family are habitually dwelling on the more negative aspects of life.

Think about it; when we take the initiative and gently turn the conversation to focus on positive and productive topics, we become leaders and examples of how to become empowered and decisive.

We begin to have an effect on the people around us by simply being positive!


Some Simple Ways To Become a Beacon of Hope and Positivity:


There is no better way than showing by example. Without saying a thing, people will know when you have become a more positive person.

Suddenly, your Social Media posts are about humor, optimism and progress instead of blue, sad, and depressing updates.

When they are around you, you always have a smile to give away.

When something negative happens to you, you always work your way through to finding a solution or a positive attitude about the outcome.

This is what others will see, and perhaps even develop on their own.


Provide Encouragement to Others

Another amazing method for helping others to be more positive is by encouraging them and nurturing their self-confidence.
Be supportive to your friends and loved ones when they are trying something new! Compliment them when they do a great job by letting them know you noticed. 
Let them know that you believe they can truly accomplish their goals.
When you are confident and feel good about yourself, you think much more positively about different situations.


Express Your Gratitude for Other People

Expressing gratitude isn’t just beneficial for you, but is also a much needed gift to others in your life as well.
Any time you are grateful for someone, show them and tell them!
Let them know you appreciate them and feel honored that they are in your life.
Tell them exactly what you are grateful for about them and how they make your life better.
You can use actions such as inviting them to visit, showing up to help them with a project or simply repaying their generosity by reciprocating.

Everyone loves a gift, and sending a small token or nicely written note in the mail can make someone’s day extra special as well.


Recommend Ways to Be More Positive

If someone in your life seems down or overly negative, share ways you have found to be more positive.
Let them know how you personally shifted your own mindset! 
Letting them know that negatives can be turned around and viewed as a motivational trigger or opportunity to be a part of positive change is very empowering!

Even when there is no bright spot in certain situations, being present to support and listen to others will help them to work through almost any situation.


Become the light that brightens up your circle!

Share your ideas on how you brighten your own circle of friends in the comments.