7 Day positive mindset journey

Each day will provide a simple action step that will begin to bring positivity into your life! 


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Welcome To The Seven Day Positive Mindset Journey
Are you ready to begin experiencing a more positive and beneficial way of thinking?

“Today Is The Day”

During the 7 days of this journey, you will learn all about how to shift your negative mindset into a more positive one.
More importantly though, are the steps you will take to make this journey a part of your natural thinking process.
This is accomplished by sticking with it and making a commitment to complete the journey.

This 7 Day Journey is set up for you to use daily and build on each days challenge.

When we commit to goals and aspirations, such as weight loss or sticking to a fitness routine, it is imperative for us to look upon this activity as a positive endeavor.
Setting up a foundation for success requires that we begin to train our mind to anticipate success, while remaining energized and positively charged for the challenges we know we will be facing.

This is how we create sustainable change in our habits!

Beginning today, you will be given a daily outline of the step by step activities.
This is a specific action to take and there will be some supplemental reading materials.

I cannot stress how important it is to honor the decision you made to begin this journey; and to follow through to the end.


During the next 7 days, you will learn all about how to shift your negative mindset into a more positive one.
This might seem difficult, but it can actually be a lot easier than you think to train your mind to be more positive.
Plus, when you do, amazing things begin to happen. Suddenly, you are a more positive person, and that helps other people around you be more positive as well.
Benefits of Positive Mindset:
Before we begin this journey, let’s go over some reasons why thinking more positively is a great idea!
1- You become a happier person.
When you are more positive about life and yourself, you are a happier person. You find joy in the simple things and focus on all of what you have to be grateful for.
2- It can help to relieve stress.
Dealing with a lot of emotional stress in your life? You will be amazed by how much positive mindset can relieve  stress and anxiety.
3- You gain momentum and increase productivity.
It can also be an excellent tool for increasing your productivity, thanks to the renewed confidence you have.
4- Others will be more positive as well.
Keep in mind that the mindset and attitude you have around other people is contagious. If you are constantly negative, they will end up being more negative as well. But, if you are positive, this attitude can spread to your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and loved ones.
Most importantly, having a positive mindset will boost the energy behind your intentions for any goal or desire you may have.
Read more about positive mindset here.
Day One: What are your reasons for wanting to be more positive?

“Prepare your garden for the coming harvest”


Today, you will be introduced to thinking more positively by focusing on YOUR reasons to be more positive.


Any time you attempt something new, it is important that you understand why you are doing it.
Without the ‘why’, it can be hard to find the motivation to begin, let alone complete it!

This is where a lot of people fail – rushing into big changes without becoming intimate with the ‘why’ as well as with the benefits.

Also, don’t mistake benefits for reasons.

While benefits sound enticing, our personal situations are a powerful motivation for commitment and change.


Your activity for today:


Make a list of Reasons You Want to Be More Positive.
This is going to be an easy opening for your Positive Mindset Journey.

All you have to do today is to write down a list of the reasons you want to be more positive.

Any number is fine, but try to come up with at least 3-5 reasons why you know this is the right thing for you.
Where should you write them down?
In your course notebook or journal!
Make it an intention to create a positive experience with your journey.
  • Find or buy a special pen that makes you feel happy and keep it with your notebook. It will trigger pleasant thoughts, and that is what this is about, isn’t it?
  • Think about the benefits you are hoping for.
  • If you are feeling a little stuck on why you want to think more positively, here are some ideas:
  1. It can help with your daily mood.
  2. You would like to change a pessimistic attitude into a optimistic one.
  3. An ongoing project or goal would go smoother with some positivity.
  4. Other people are having a negative influence on your self esteem.
  5. You would like to have more energy or enthusiasm during the day.
Making a list with a bit of thought behind it is very powerful!
The simple physical act of writing has a more lasting effect on how your mind processes information.
When you are done, share one of your reasons in the comment section!

Mood Booster:
Read about how Earthing can improve your mood and positive mindset!
Day Two: The Power of Affirmations

“I am going to have an AMAZING day today”

Yesterday, you made a list of the reasons why you want to be a more positive person and learned some of the benefits that make it worthwhile.

Today we will be exploring how affirmations can boost your mood and help make your day go smoothly and productively.

An affirmation is a type of statement that is uplifting and positive.
It helps to create a positive mindset for you. Some people use them every morning, others have a list that they read off any time they are feeling a little down.

Today’s activity:


Choose Your Daily Positive Affirmations

Today, your objective is to come up with at least 5 affirmations that are personal to you and your circumstances.

They should be positive and uplifting. You can use them for specific issues that you would like to feel better about, and they should be used every day.
They can be anything you want, as long as the action of saying them to yourself makes you feel a bit more positive and optimistic.

Here are some examples:

If you wake up feeling anxious about the upcoming day, try something like this:


“I will find something joyful in every moment today”.

“I am grateful for my life and all the good things in it”


If you feel stressed about a project or challenge you are facing, something like this might be helpful:
“I can accomplish anything I set my mind to”
“I will have a wonderful day today”.
Some of us like to use short bible quotes or inspirational sayings from the leaders in our spiritual practice:
“I can do all things through (my higher power) who strengthens me”.
“I am a divine expression of a loving God”
You can choose basic affirmations that just helps you get into a positive mindset, or choose specific ones for certain areas of your life, such as those related to your relationship, family, or work.
You can also Google ‘affirmations’ for even more ideas!
1- Make your list of 3-5 personal affirmations and write them down in your journal.
2- Choose one or more affirmations that you will be using today or tomorrow.
3- When you wake up, have it handy near your bed so you can begin the day using it!
When you are finished, share one of your own affirmations in the comments.

Day Three: The power of Journaling

“I deserve to enjoy the good things in my life”

I know you are beginning to benefit from this journey so far:

(if you are doing the activities!)

You are easing into really becoming a more positive and uplifting person.

**It is not unusual to be having some resistance to all this positivity!
Don’t be discouraged if you feel negative thoughts attempting to maintain the ‘status quo’.

Be persistent and continue doing these challenges!


So far, you have made a list of reasons to think positively and have created a good number of positive affirmations to use each day.

Continue using your affirmations daily.

Today we are going to begin focusing on using a journal.

This is by far, one of my absolute favorite things to do!

I used to struggle with severe anxiety and panic attacks. It affected me often, far into the night. It caused a lot of chaos and confusion in my life.
I was in an ongoing battle that made my life miserable for far too many years!

It was when I began learning to use affirmations, writing down my thoughts and using simple lifestyle strategies that I began to notice gradual, but significant improvements in my mood and in my thinking.

My sense of well being began to improve.
Panic and anxiety abated and finally became small enough to manage.
I rarely have panic attacks anymore, and when they come I have a large set of tools to manage them.

The best part is that, while we may come up against some resistance to beginning new habits, if we persist we will begin to feel better.

Today’s activity: Write in Your Journal
Using a journal is going to help you work through any negativity and turn each negative thought into a positive one.
This is one of the best tools for creating a positive narrative in your mind, even when something negative is happening in your life.
All you need to do is get out your journal or notebook, and write something.
This can be multi-page journal entry, one good paragraph, or a list of thoughts.
You can use this technique to brainstorm potential solutions that will banish denial and get you on the road to clarity and action!
  • Did you receive a compliment on something that made you feel good? Write about it!
  • Are you extremely grateful for your health today? Write that down!
You can also write about some bad news you received, but turn it around and focus on a plan or possible solution to focus on.
Brainstorm potential solutions so problems cannot dominate your mind.
This is what your journal is going to do for you. Help you to enter and remain in a positive mindset.
Once you have written in your journal, you are done with today’s assignment.
Be sure to share one highlight of this days lesson in the comments!
You can also read some ideas for to keeping a journal Here
Day Four: Learning How to Re-frame Your Negative Thoughts


“This is a temporary setback that I will overcome”

Today is about Re-Framing any negative thoughts.

While this is one of the most powerful techniques of becoming a more positive person, it is also one of the more difficult things to master.

Keep in mind that this is a learning process, so today’s challenge is just going to start you off with a few simple tools you can begin using.
Practicing this over time will give you the results you are seeking.

Today’s activity will help you learn to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.
First, we will go through the steps to do this, then you will pick out at least one negative thought over the course of today, and re-frame it into a positive one.
Write about this experience in your journal at the end of the day.
Don’t feel pressured to catch on immediately as learning to recognize negative thoughts, then make them positive is a habit that takes some time to become automatic.
It can take several weeks to establish a new habit to the point where we no longer have to be intentional about maintaining it.
This also requires that we acknowledge our victories when we begin to re-frame automatically.
Be sure to acknowledge any improvements you see and take a moment to appreciate your progress!
You can use an affirmation for this as well, such as:
“I am very proud of my progress in developing a positive mindset”.

Steps for Re-framing Negative Thoughts
1- Analyze your negative thought.
When a negative thought enters your mind, try to analyze it and where it came from. It might be completely irrational, which would make it easier to shift to a more positive mindset.
This is where your journal is really going to benefit you!
2- Accept what has already happened, and that it cannot be changed.
Many negative thoughts stem from a bad situation or loss. By taking the time to analyze the thought and than accepting that it has already occurred will help you to internalize the fact that changing the past is not an option.
Choosing to move forward and put it behind you is an option though, and purposefully deciding to do just that is both healthy and positive.
3- Look for the cause.
Sometimes, your negative thoughts aren’t about something that has been proven to you, but more about a fear you may harbor.

Are you afraid you will never get a promotion? Do you wonder if you are good enough? Are you afraid you will never measure up?

Why not?


Is this based on what you have been told, some trauma from childhood or is it caused by your own inaction?
Once you find the cause for this fear, you can begin the positive process of creating solutions.
This is where you can shift yourself into a positive mindset by understanding there are actions you can take to turn this around.
Keep these tips in mind as you go through your day and be sure to write about it in your journal.
Share one negative thought that you were able to re-frame in the comments.
Here are some more tips on Reframing Negative Thoughts.
Day Five: Maintaining Positive Thoughts- All Day Long


“I can appreciate the value of both the good and the bad events in my life”

If you are reading this, you are well on your way to establishing some powerful and positive thinking skills!

Today, it is time to stretch your new muscle; You are going to do something that is harder than you might think – You are going to make the decision to maintain positive thoughts for this entire day.

This doesn’t mean you will have no negative thoughts, it means you now know how to deal with them.

It is time to make a decisive effort to notice them and then to actually do something about them!

Learn how to establish positive thoughts- all day long.
Now that you know how to re-frame your negative thoughts into positive ones, it’s time to put your new skills into action!
From now until you open tomorrows assignment, every single negative thought you have will be purposefully edited into a positive, or at least find a positive spin to put on it.
This will help you to be watchful of negativity. It requires you to immediately focus on changing negative thoughts into positive ones, no matter what they are.
It may require that you pause for a few moments and use your will power to decisively turn the thought around!
Here are some tips for getting through the day ONLY thinking positively:
1- Find at least one positive thing out of every negative thing that happens, even if it is a tiny little thing compared to the negative.
2- Write down any negative thoughts in your journal that gave you trouble so you can more easily visualize the path to positive.
3- Keep reminding yourself to be optimistic throughout the day. Use one or some positive affirmations that will be easy to remember when you need them.
*Were you running late for work?
Don’t think about the consequences, but instead be appreciative you have a job to go to.
*Remind yourself that as long as the past cannot be changed, we have to let it go and move back into the life we are grateful to have.
*Are you stressed today about your finances? Find appreciation for something else in your life.
*Did you have a disagreement with a friend? Be honest with them about how it made you feel, apologize if that is appropriate, and commit to move on from it.
*Sometimes, the only positive thing is that the bad moment is over and done with, or that you have learned an important life lesson from it.
In this case, the lesson is both the re-frame and the positive thought.
If you are still struggling with a particular negative thought, the only thing you can do is work through it.
Get out your journal and write down what you are going through, and brainstorm ways to use as a Launchpad for potential solutions that will make it a positive victory.
Taking this action is often enough to turn the thought around.
Once you have completed your journal entry, share how this lesson has benefited you today.
Day Six: Using Gratitude to establish a Positive Mindset

“My life is filled with an abundance of goodness”

We have been using some awesome tools to bring about a healthier way of dealing with negative thinking in our Positive Mindset Journey.

I cannot express how proud I am of your progress and dedication to sticking with this process!

I sincerely hope that you are giving yourself some recognition and credit for coming so far!

You are almost through the process, and I know that you have experienced a lot of value so far!

Here is a quick recap of what we have been practicing:

1- Making a list of your reasons to be more positive.
2- Creating your own or choosing daily positive affirmations.
3- Keeping a journal.
4- Re-framing negative thoughts.
5- Deciding to allow only positive thoughts all day.

Today’s Activity will be to use Gratitude as a Positive Mindset practice!

This is yet another super-power to combat anxiety, stress and overwhelm through one simple act.



Today, your only activity will be to express gratitude.

Here are some ways you can express more gratitude today:
1- Write one good thing in your journal:
Describe something good that happened to you, or what you are most grateful for.
2- Show appreciation for someone in your life who you are grateful for: give someone a compliment. This is a wonderful way to not only express gratitude, but help others do the same.
3- Use an affirmation:
Write a short sentence describing a favorite person, place or thing that makes you feel happy. Use the affirmation several times over the course of the day.
Expressing gratitude is advice you will hear often because it is beneficial not just for you, but everyone you come in contact with.
Gratitude inspires gratitude, just like having a more positive attitude inspires more gratitude.
These habits are contagious, so you aren’t just helping yourself, but others as well.
Share in the comments, one thing you are grateful for today!
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Day Seven: Time To Shine!

“We spread the light by becoming the light!”

Its time to spread Positivity to Everyone You Know!
Instead of being just an assignment for today, your mission is to continue doing this moving forward, even after this part of the journey is completed.
You are being challenged to think more positively with all the tools you have used so far, and help others to do the same.
It is important to note that we are not critics or self proclaimed experts, but instead we are shining examples.
Here are some ways you can spread more positivity to people around you:
  1. Be positive in every situation.
    Any time you are around other people, show them through example how powerful it is to be positive.
  2. No matter what happens, express through words and actions that you believe you are strong enough to get through it.
    Vocalize how you are using the light of a positive mindset, even in a dark tunnel.
    Others will not only understand more about being positive, but they will start to develop similar habits.
  3. Help others find positive in negative situations.
    You can also help others to think more positively about their own lives.
    Has a friend come to you with a problem? Put a positive spin on it by simply listening to them. You can also help them to brainstorm a solution- if they are ready to move forward.
    Support the ideas they have that can lead to ways to work it out, even if it seems improbable. Show them what you have learned.
Freely expressing ideas is how we arrive at the most likely solutions.

Share in the comments one situation where you can or could have been a shining light in your circle withen the last few days.

Read some awesome ideas on how to Surround Yourself With Positive People.

Congratulations! Share your success story!

“Happiness Is An Attitude That Begins With A Positive Mind”


Being persistent for the first few weeks will gradually make the habit automatic, but it takes a bit of time and determination to keep things going!

Print this list and keep it handy as a reminder to be both persistent and consistent!

1- List Reasons to Be More Positive
Revisit the list you made on day 1.
This will help you to maintain your enthusiasm and keep using it!
It is also a great idea to add anything to the list that you may have noticed in the way of positive changes you experienced.

2- Choose Daily Positive Affirmations
Keep adding to your list of affirmations. Whenever you see or think of one that inspires you, add it!
Make sure you are using the affirmations often over the course of the day. Taking a few moments each morning to choose an appropriate phrase that motivates and inspires your mood is a valuable habit to develop.

3- Write in Your Journal
Even a single sentence will keep the habit alive. Your journal is a highway to solutions and to a brighter perspective. Be sure to use it as a sounding board that helps you work through problems and recognize accomplishments!

4- Re-frame Your Negative Thoughts
Remember: we all have negative thoughts, the trick is to think them all the way through to the solution or the lesson. If its a judgment, find the positive spin!

5- Think Positive All Day
Continue to be on the lookout for negative thinking patterns throughout the day. Know that you are prepared and capable of turning this around to a positive….Then do just that!

6- Express Gratitude
Make it a habit to never, ever disregard the things that make your life good. Acknowledge the smallest and the biggest blessings every single day.

7- Spread Around the Positivity
You will make your life and the lives of your circle a brighter and happier place by both sharing The Inner Child Series and practicing A Positive Mindset.


Use your journal whenever you notice others being positive. The simple act of physically acknowledging positivity will keep it in the foreground of your daily life.

7 Amazingly fun and simple ways to get some welcome positivity in your life!

Developing positive mindset skills can also greatly reduce anxiety and stress.
Start your 7 day positive mindset journey today and begin to enjoy the wonderful benefits.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful effects that will manifest in your life
Quickly begin to feel in control of your mood, your goals and your personal success story!
Join us today and get started right away!

I am looking forward to hearing your success story