It’s that time of year for all of our favorite foods.

This is an especially difficult holiday season to get through without throwing caution to the wind and indulging in comfort food!
Between quarantine and stress, well; we need something to keep us on track.
This is so simple and it only takes a few minutes each day to really get a lot of benefits.

You get stress relief, core strength and knowing you are doing something that will help your immune system fight off invaders.


The best part? It’s free to join. Hurry though, registration closes on Dec 1st.


At the end of each week you will find a special completion gift as a reward for showing up and participating :0 !



Extended by popular demand!









Step 1- Register
Step 2- Login
Step 3- Watch the short safe planking video
Step 4- Set a timer and do your first plank. Keep in mind that this will be your starting goal for how many seconds/minutes you begin with, so don’t make it so difficult that you stop doing it! The objective is gradually increase and only do the time that is sustainable for YOU.
Step 5- Read the prompt for Day 1 and enter your response and your plank time in the comments below. You can use any topic you choose, but try to keep it in the ballpark. Ex: Prompt “Tell us about your pet” could be talk about the neighbors pet, a childhood pet, or any animal you have a relationship with.
That is all there is to it! You could take it step further by posting a pic of you planking or of something you are grateful for in your social profile to spread the happiness as well.
if you are feeling it! you could even share a link to my website 🙂

Planksgiving 2020 Featured

Too Easy?

Wait, What? Not challenging enough?

Well then, you can add these in to YOUR daily workout if you like 🙂

Just remember, the Planks & Thanks are required to get your completion bonus, these are extra just for those of you that need a bit more.

Do not overdo the plank exercise!
Only increase the time as your endurance increases.
This is not a contest!!!
If you end up doing 30 seconds for 30 days you are a Rock Star for sticking with it.
If you are advanced and can do more… all means do it.
This challenge is meant to provide a daily motivation to be consistent.
Core exercises are very powerful and you will notice your strength will increase quickly…if you stick with it!

Welcome to week one of the Planksgiving 30 Day Challenge!

There is no time like the present!  It only takes a minute, so let’s get started!
Record your daily time and your response to the prompt in the comments below.
Your time spent on each plank is not a factor, the only thing that matters is that you DO the plank and record your comment!
Tip: The best results will happen when you comment and respond to the other members of this challenge.
You will find the link to your completion Bonus reward ???  in your email! ?
  1. Daily Action Steps

2. Daily Action Steps

3- Daily Action Steps

4.  Daily action step.

5. Daily Action Steps

6- Daily Action Steps

7- Daily Action Steps

Week two of the 30 Day Planksgiving Challenge.

You will find the link to your completion Bonus reward ???  in your email! ?

8. Daily Action Steps


9- Daily Action Steps

10. Daily Action Steps

11. Daily Action Steps

12. Daily Action Steps

13- Daily Action Steps

14- Daily Action Steps

Week three of the 30 Day Planksgiving Challenge.

You will find the link to your completion Bonus reward ???  in your email! ?

15. Daily Action Steps

16- Daily Action Steps

17. Daily Action Steps

18- Daily Action Steps

19- Daily Action Steps

20- Daily Action Steps

21- Daily Action Steps

Week four of the 30 Day Planksgiving Challenge.

You will find the link to your completion Bonus reward ???  in your email! ?

22. Daily Action Steps

23. Daily Action Steps

24. Daily Action Steps

25. Daily Action Steps

26. Daily Action Steps

27- Daily Action Steps

28- Daily Action Steps.

29. Daily Action Steps

30. Daily Action Steps


You are a RockStar for completing this entire 30 Day Planksgiving Challenge.

You will find an extra special completion BONUS in your email.

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