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Are You A Survivor Of Childhood Abuse?


Many adult child abuse survivors experience lifestyle disorders that, consequently prevent them from experiencing their life in a joyful and positive way.  The most pervasive trauma occurs when we are children. As a result of physical, emotional or spiritual abuse endured during the early, formative years of our lives, the result can be a myriad of healthy lifestyle obstacles! These obstacles can be extremely difficult to manage once we become adults.   
This can also cause us to suffer from self sabotage and self image distortions decades after the damage was inflicted. 

I am a survivor of child abuse and trauma. You can read my story Here.

Are you able to relate to some of the following post child abuse manifestations? 


Weight gain
Unresolved Grief
Feeling Stuck
Alcohol/substance abuse

Digestive problems
Food addictions/compulsions
Self sabotage
Brain fog episodes
Health anxiety
Passive aggressive behavior
Religious ferver

Self Condemnation
Loss of confidence
Social Anxiety
Avoidance of conflict
People pleasing
Self blame
Misplaced guilt…..

If you are experiencing some of the above issues due to the residual effects of child abuse and trauma, this can really interfere with your ability to live a joyful life!



Are you an adult survivor of child abuse? If so, I would love to connect with you.
Please fill out this  Short Form  Here, you can begin identifying your own points of reference. This will help to clarify your individual experiences of being an adult survivor of child abuse.
Let’s initiate the first step to gaining mastery and self empowerment!

What is Integrative Lifestyle Coaching?


Integrative Lifestyle Coaching includes the full spectrum of incorporating spirituality, nutrition, fitness and balance to my clients.

Success is achieved by establishing self care and personal empowerment strategies resulting in victory over acquired habits and tendencies.

You can free yourself from those negative emotions and enjoy a sustainable level of physical/spiritual/emotional wellness that DOES NOT leave you with confusion and frustration!

You will be amazed at the results fun and easy shifts in perspective can bring to your life!

This is for you if you would like to enjoy holistic wellness with a sense of balance and peace of mind.



You will be amazed at how much benefit you can enjoy with a system of empowerment that allows you to shift your perspective! 

My Training, Experience and Education:


  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Red Cross Personal Health Care Training Program

  • The Stratford Career Institute- Natural Health Consultant

  • A variety of Integrative Coaching, Holistic Wellness and Practical Business Courses

  • Reiki Master Initiation & Certification


    Reiki Master Affiliate MemberI am an attuned Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Healing.
    I was attuned at level I and II during the summer of 2002.  Reiki Masters Doreen Russel and Martha Creek were my instructors.
    I spent many years practicing Reiki healing on family and friends. After seeing many near miraculous transformations, I decided to pursue Reiki Advanced and Master/Teacher Certification. (Learn more about the ancient practice of Reiki Here )      
    I received my level III Master Initiation at Unity of Louisville Temple in Louisville, Ky by Reverend Valerie Mansfield March of 2016


 Self Empowerment Begins Here!



The true beginning of change is learning to love ourselves exactly as we are right now.

This positive mindset enables us to recognize that our habits are not who we are.

Our habits are only what we do.


Self Empowerment

 All of the programs and services offered here are designed to empower you to embrace the truth of your own beauty and perfection.
We all have a desire to maintain our youthful vigor and quality of life!
In this space we define and establish healthy, authentic and sustainable mind-body-spirit lifestyle practices.
My passion is providing the tools and space to build a sustainable wellness foundation. This is done by establishing a positive mindset and by building a self care system using team support, mindfulness and action steps; recognizing that all healthy change begins with self love and self respect.

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