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Since June I have been working on something pretty special.
Just a little backstory; When I began practicing Health Coaching I was pumped! Just imagine being paid to help people incorporate healthy lifestyle habits while promoting a cleaner planet, helping the livestock to be treated humanely, getting small farms back on the market and maybe even saving lives!

It wasn’t long before I realized that the industry standard was pricing most of the folks who could benefit from my services right out of the market. We were taught to create 12-24 week private coaching packages and offer discounts so it would be paid up front. This is like $1800-$3600 investment and sadly, due to a very insecure market, most people do not have that kind of money laying around.

So, I prayed, meditated, brainstormed, researched and finally had an idea.

What if I were to create courses and programs that targeted specific lifestyle issues such as weight loss, spirituality, fitness and stress that were reasonably priced, fun and included built in support and reward systems?
What if these courses were short term with the option to continue at your own pace and had no recurring subscriptions or messy contracts?

I could offer private consultations for a lower price that you could purchase and schedule on an as needed basis. I could save even more, and keep the prices down by encouraging my clients to share links to purchase the course with their friends and write testimonials giving my product real life success stories and exposure!

Once I started exploring ways to offer this without incurring a lot of debt, I was off to the races!

I found a membership platform that is separate from my main website in which I allow no ads or public interaction. I set up the membership website, designed the pages and links and styling and did a ton of the work myself so it would be affordable for me to create.

I built my first course, The 7 Day Quick Start Smoothie Challenge and released it, but it took longer than I anticipated to build.  (I am a Virgo and it must meet some high standards)

By that time it was nearly autumn and the season had passed. I did release a beta version that was very well received and everything works as planned, so it will be back next summer.

I am in the process of completing an exciting new program called the Fun, Fit & Healthy Holiday’s.Fun, Fit & Healthy Holidays

It is a six week course that covers almost all of the reasons some of us get burned out over the holiday season. This course offers fun and challenging activities that keep us out of trouble!

We will create a holiday budget, maintain a fitness routine with the help of our community, incorporate some easy ways to enjoy our favorite holiday foods without gaining weight and even get set up with our New Year goal planning.
There is a LOT of good stuff in this course. The heart of it requires only three commitments a week, but there are daily and weekly activities that are optional; you can do as much as your schedule allows. It is set up for you to take as long as you like to complete and you can use it for as long as it remains on the site and you remain a member.

Watch for it!

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Theresa Sailor

Integrative Lifestyle Coach

My mission is to be part of the solution!

Hi, my name is Theresa Sailor and I am an Integrative Lifestyle Coach.
I have a demonstrated history of successfully empowering women to take charge of their health, lifestyle and well being.
My specialty is working with women who are struggling with detrimental eating and lifestyle habits.
I offer a system of empowerment using self discovery and teamwork to achieve and maintain healthy and stable weight, vibrant energy, spiritual balance and emotional well being.
Together, we can unlock the joyful and fulfilling life that you know you deserve!

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