My Best 10 Tips To Keep Your Body Moving!

We need to keep our body moving. 

I need to exercise, you need to exercise, we all need to exercise!

Sometimes, I have a struggle with myself when I am working on too many exciting things. This seems to leave my time short for exercise and fitness. 

The problem is, once we quit moving our bodies, our endorphins stop moving as well and it can get a little depressing.

Here are 10 tips that can help keep your body moving.

#1 Make time…
No matter how busy…make the time!
We think we don’t have time but actually we do.  It is rather mysterious that the more time I make to exercise, the more time I have in the day.  Funny how that works! I think it is because a fitness routine creates more energy and I am pretty sure that endorphins have something to do with it as well.  The truth is, the more you keep your body moving, the more active you become!

#2 Find something you love to do!
You need to do something you love.  It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as you do it.  I love to do Yoga and I love to go for walks. This combination works great for me and I truly enjoy it, as long as I stick with it!
You may love weights and strength training. I have not learned to love it even though it adds beautiful muscle tone!
I know it isn’t that easy and I just don’t enjoy it. 

If you enjoy it, then is very good for you.

Walking may be your thing!  There is nothing like getting out and getting a little fresh air and moving your limbs.  I like walking in my neighborhood where I can wave at the mail lady and the neighbors and feel connected. That is like getting a big dose of healthy, in more ways then one!

#3 If you don’t love any kind of exercise, try pairing it with something you do love!

Maybe you don’t love to dance or swim or or use weights.
Pair that routine you don’t love with some of the things you do love!
For example, pair dancing with romance. Pair swimming with boating or pair exploring by joining a group or inviting a friend!
Experiment and find what is right for you. 
Some people like sports. If that is your favorite way to keep your body moving, then join a basketball team or perhaps a volleyball team. 
Sometimes if you pair it with being social then it doesn’t feel like exercise. 

#4 Clarify what you want to achieve.
Do you want to lose weight, de-stress, build strength, improve your game, rebuild your knees? 
If you need to get to the grocery store, you have 3 choices; walk, ride your bike or drive. 
You want to rebuild your knees? Then you are not going to pick lunges because… well that just doesn’t make sense.

If you can’t figure it out, don’t be afraid to hire a professional trainer.

They know what you can safely do that will best achieve your goals.
You can hire them for one visit to make a plan or you can hire them for a few sessions to show you how. Or hire them long term to build on your success.

#5 Make an appointment with yourself for exercise.
Schedule it into your day. If its on the calendar and you show up, you will do it.
This is a firm commitment to keep your body moving.
Making the commitment and actually scheduling regular time for it is Empowering!

#6 Get more out of a shorter amount of time.
That is the principle of high intensity interval training (HIIT).  The idea is that you start out slowly and build up to intense bursts of effort.
You do this about 10 times and you have a really good workout. 

Try 2 minutes walking, 2 minutes jogging and then run as fast and hard as you can for 1 minute.  Repeat this 5 times. 
When you get bored with that then you can switch to a bicycle and do 1 minute pedaling slowly, 1 minute pedaling moderately and then peddle your heart out for another minute. Do this about 15 times. You can vary it any way you want.
Tests have shown that this works for reducing body fat levels. 
If you have no fat to spare…this workout might not be for you.  Stay with more endurance type exercises.

#7 Do your homework and know why you are moving it and shaking it!
The truth is, if you don’t work out on a regular basis then odds are you will eventually develop illness.  Exercise aids tremendously in helping to prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, osteoporosis and arthritis (just to name a few). 
Exercise makes you smarter (proven), leaner and healthier. 
If that isn’t enough exercise gives you energy!

#8 Make sure your children are shaking their booty!
Studies show that children perform better academically if they get regular exercise.  Not just a little bit, but significantly! 
Fitness helps kids both emotionally and keeps their learning ability high!

#9 Look for a mentor!
There are tons of people out there who have done it.
The secret is to find someone who is doing what you want to do and learn from them. 
You don’t have to do the same thing over and over!
Learn new things and add them into your old routines. You can diversify.

#10 Exercise changes everything.
The more you move, the better you feel.

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