“I appreciate everything in my life”


How to keep positivity going, every day! 


Thinking positively every day has many benefits. It helps with your emotional and physical health, from improving your daily life and relieving stress, to actually helping with your physical health and well-being.

On those days when you are finding it difficult to stay positive, it is more important then ever to make the effort. This is called maintaining a positive mindset and while it may take some practice, over time it can become second nature! 

Have More Confidence in Your Own Abilities

More often than not, a lot of your negative thoughts are related to fears you have about your own abilities, and usually not at all rational. Are a lot of your negative thoughts during the day related to how you think you are failing, or in ways you don’t think you will ever succeed? These are the thoughts that are related to your own self-confidence.
Imagine what you would say to a small child who is feeling insecure. Is it ever a good idea to belittle them or criticize them? Of course not! Self confidence comes from recognizing accomplishments, giving value to progress and honoring the importance of practice.
Start acting with confidence. Understand, appreciate and honor your best skills, and give yourself some credit!
Focus on your best abilities and qualities, instead of becoming drowned in the skills you think you don’t have.

Act with Intention

It is also important that you act with intention, which will also help you to re-frame your thoughts into more positive ones. When you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, it automatically gives you more confidence about what you can accomplish. This is going to help you feel good about yourself and what you got done, which alone helps a lot with your positive attitude throughout the day. Take a moment to visualize the big picture so you know the upcoming steps that will carry you into success. 

Find Your Triggers for Negative Thinking

When you have days where it is difficult to get past certain negative thoughts, try to find reasons for those thoughts. Was it from an unexpected event? Do you have an anxiety disorder that leads to irrational fears? Is there someone in your life causing these negative thoughts? What influence does the news or social media have on your mindset? Sometimes, just being in a situation that had negative results in the past can make us fearful, a fear which really has no substance.

These and many other things can be triggers for your negative thinking. When you begin to notice triggers and create a method of dealing with them, you are able to better to handle those situations. Learn how to avoid them or deal with them in a decisive manner, this will help you to develop a more positive mindset.

Look for the Humor

Sometimes, bad things happen in your life that create a negative narrative, and you just have to laugh it off. When your car breaks down on the way to work, or you have an embarrassing moment you can’t stop thinking about, make the decision to just let it go, understand you can’t take it back, and laugh it out. As a side note, laughing out loud is another powerful way to release tension and uplift our mood.

Try it, right now! Just laugh out loud. 
Notice anything?