“I deserve good things in my life.”



Should You Write In A Journal for Positive Mindset? 


As you probably are aware, a journal is an amazing tool to use for thinking more positively.
It isn’t just great for gaining
more clarity and venting your frustrations, but for your journey to being a more positive person as well.

Keeping a journal may seem like an inconvenience at first, but as you establish this valuable habit you will begin to see new and exciting benefits begin to unfold in your life!

You might even wonder why you ever had resistance to such a powerful tool in the first place.

Keep reading to learn about some of the many, many reasons why you should use a journal to increase your positive mindset.

You Can Re-frame Your Negative Thoughts

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, you will use the journal to help re-frame your negative thoughts into more positive ones.

This is one of the biggest hurdles of thinking more positively!

The truth is, we can’t control negative things that happen in our life. Almost every day, unexpected events will transpire that might put you in a funk, make you feel sad or frustrated, or just really affect the day you had planned out for yourself.

While you can’t control these events, you can control how you deal with them.

You can use your journal to write down your negative thoughts, then look at ways to make them positive. 

You Uncover the Reasons Why You Have Negative Thoughts

As you begin journaling about your thoughts and feelings, you will also discover why it has been hard for you in the past to have more of a positive mindset.

There are often patterns in the more negative things you talk about, whether they are all related to goals you haven’t achieved, your work or school life, or even specific people in your life.

It is important to be open and honest in your journal, because that is how you will understand more about yourself and where your frame of mind comes from.

By understanding WHY you have negative thoughts, you are able to make changes in your life to be a more positive person.

It Helps You to Be More Grateful for the Good Things in Your Life

Lastly, I really love journaling for positivity because I can express gratitude.

Being more grateful is all about understanding the good things in your life, whether it is your health, people, or where you live and work.

Balance is so important and why should the bad stuff get all of our attention?

On some days it is easy to feel grateful for something as simple as a soft breeze or the sound of a cricket.

Taking the tiny moment to notice and appreciate this kind of thing is a HUGE way to combat the more pressing thoughts that like to hog our attention.

You can write down one thing to be grateful for each day in your journal, which immediately puts you in a better mood and helps you to think more positively.

Action Step:

  1. Use your journal to fold a page in the middle from top to bottom with a nice, sharp crease.
  2. Use the right side to write out any negative experiences or thoughts that may be ‘hogging space’ in your mind.
  3. After you finish this side and have given things some thought, write out how to change these into more positive and productive thoughts…only put these on the left side.
  4. Then, and this can be very, very powerful; tear or cut off the right side, read the negatives one last time, and rip it into tiny shreds.
  5. The act of tossing these shreds into the trash helps rid them from the mind.
  6. Afterwards, go back to the left side and read the positive solutions and mindset again.

This will always, always, always help me to feel better about almost any situation going on in my life!

Did you do the actions step? Share how it made you feel in the comments.