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You will love the journey through these courses, from embracing your inner child all the way through to becoming a master in the art of spiritual healing!
Together, we can make a difference! 

Get in touch with your inner self.  Grow spiritually and learn to let go of things that do not serve you.
Each of these courses, challenges and activities are packed with tools to help you understand more about overcoming stress, anxiety and fear by transforming your inner self.
Discover techniques that will open and balance your spiritual, mental and physical growth. This will give you the best advantage in creating a personally tailored lifestyle that serves your joy and protects your beautiful, perfect self.
You will create positive changes in your mind and body as well as your spirit.
This is an experience not to be missed!

My Services.

It is important to recognize that we cannot do this alone.  While the courses are mainly self led, I do offer group workshops, study sessions, Q & A periods and private consultations.

As a Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Healer, I am available for both group and private reiki healing sessions.

Reiki Spiritual Healing Sessions

You may schedule private, virtual spiritual healing sessions through a video consultation.
We will have a short discussion of what you are experiencing and what areas are affected.
You will than experience distance reiki to open your own spiritual energy centers, (chakras) while you relax and enjoy.

Mystic Meditations

Mystic Meditations

Seasonal and Holiday based devotional meditations.
Lent, Advent, Mysteries of the Rosary, Stations of the cross and others as scheduled.
Prices vary.


Members enrolled in any of the courses are invited to join in frequent workshops where we will explore a topic that relates to mind-body-spiritual development and discuss different aspects of how it relates to each of us on our journey.
We can also explore any questions you may have or other related issues.

Coach Theresa

Theresa Sailor
Integrative Lifestyle Coach

Reiki Master Teacher

I am committed to your success in this important mind, body, and spiritual journey.
Using all the tools and support available will ensure that you will have a fun and beneficial experience!
Be sure to use the comment section to interact with other students and complete certain assignments.

Private Consultations

I am available for private consultations in the event that you would like to explore any blockages or other issues.
My job as your coach is give you a safe space to explore what is working, what is not working and help you to brainstorm solutions. We then convert your potential solutions into action steps that can be measured and altered as we progress.
You may schedule follow up consultations as needed.


Part One: Heal Your Inner Child

It is important to begin from where you are.
A mistake many of us make is to attempt to begin from where we think we should be.
That is where my program is different.
The first step is to discover the beauty and perfection that is who we are, right now!
We begin by taking some time and exploring what is wonderful about us… and what is sometimes hidden beneath our own, and others expectations of us.

Start with the  7 Day Chakra Balancing Mini Meditations.

You will be amazed with your own ability to focus and you will begin to feel a sense of balance and peace that exists within all of us.

Adult survivors of childhood trauma

1- 7 Day Chakra Balancing Mini Meditations

Your daily One Minute Chakra Balancing Mini-Meditation series will quickly become your favorite time of day!
You might just find yourself enjoying the beneficial effects for longer then the one minute required.

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2- 10 Day Boost Your Self Confidence Guide

You will be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful effects these simple tips can create in your life!
For each of the next 10 days, you will be immersed in the experience of self care in a way that is both empowering and gratifying.

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3- 7 Days To Develop A Positive Mindset

Over the course of the next 7 days, you will begin to shift negative thinking patterns into a more positive mindset.
Use stress as a tool to harness anxiety and kick that persistent sense of overwhelm to the curb.

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Part Two:
Learn And Master Meditation.

Once you have completed the Heal Your Inner Child section, you will have the necessary tools to begin manifesting your dreams and goals.
This is done in a step by step fashion that allows you to really dig deep into your truth and enjoy many small victories along the way.
You are free to progress at your own pace and will enjoy frequent group engagements to explore any roadblocks and celebrate your progress.

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Preparation: Beginning Your Meditation Practice

In this unit we will be learning about what meditation is and how to set goals and intentions to use in our meditations. You will learn how to use a journal to organize and track your progress. We will be practicing meditation daily and begin to effectively implement meditation into your daily routine.

Establishing A Meditation Discipline

In this unit, we we will uncover obstacles that may interfere with our intentions.
We begin to use our body to enhance our focus and concentration by learning postures, mudras and breathing techniques.
We will also discover some surprising historical and current methods and uses for this practice.

Tips, Tools And Benefits: Enhance Your Meditation Practice

This unit will show us that meditation is used as a form of prayer, spiritual practice, professional development, and both mental health and educational enhancement.
We will also learn about the various tools such as color, scent, visuals and mantras to enhance our enjoyment and concentration.

Using Yoga And Chakras In Meditation

We will begin to use yoga, chakras and learn how to fit a regular meditation practice into our daily lives. We will also learn some active meditation methods that can travel with us throughout out daily activities.

FREE Completion Bonus: 7 Day Yoga And Journal Challenge

This is a wonderful 7 day journey that incorporates easy yoga poses with journal prompts that inspire you to take action.
Using this exercise will bring mind, body and spirit together in ways that balance, calm and improve physical fitness.

Part Three: Become A Reiki Master Teacher And Spiritual Healer.

We live in a chaotic period of history. Many of us are aware of the suffering around us and wish we could do something to alleviate it!
Each Unit in this course will advance you through the levels. Even if you only complete the first unit, you will be able to begin using Reiki energy on yourself and family/friends.
You may advance through as many of the four levels as you would like, all the way to Master Teacher according your own needs and desires.
Once you have completed all of the Reiki Levels, you will have the discipline and self empowerment necessary to perform all levels of Reiki and will have earned the Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Spiritual Healer level.
Reiki is a spiritual practice that allows us to become a conduit for ‘chi’, which is a flow of energy that restores spiritual balance.
We use this energy by bringing our Intention, Intuition, and Instincts together through prayer and love.  This allows others to use their own chakras to activate a healing flow of energy for themselves.

 I highly recommend that you complete the Meditation Mastery course before beginning Reiki Training.

Reiki Origins, History, Symbols And Beginner Practice

Learn what Reiki is as well as the history and principles that are foundational to this spiritual practice.
You will learn how to center and ground yourself, how to channel reiki energy and how to prepare a room for reiki treatments.
You will also learn a series of hand positions to use during a reiki session.
Includes a Level I Attunement and Certificate.


Time And Distance Reiki and Symbols

In Level II, you will be focusing on healing techniques and learn how to perform time and distance reiki.
You will also be able to center yourself using the heart chakra energy, as well as learning the Level II symbols and healing techniques.
Includes a Level II Attunement and Certificate.

Advanced Reiki

In Level III you will receive the master symbol and be able to transfer an attunement to others.
You will learn how to perform Byosen Scanning as well as the following:
1- The Violet Breath
2- The Huiyin or Microcosmic Orbit.
3- Sending reiki to a place, time or situation.
4- Charge objects with reiki
Includes Attunement and certificate.

Reiki Master Teacher

In this Level IV Master Teacher course, you will review and demonstrate the previous 3 levels. You will practice and demonstrate mastery of the symbols and the techniques for passing the reiki attunement to others at each level.
You will also be practicing and demonstrating your mastery of the symbols, Byosen scanning and all other elements of teaching and attuning others into the reiki practice.
Includes Master/Teacher Attunement and Certificate.

Step One:

Heal your inner child

Step Two:

Master Meditation

Step Three:

Advance to one or several or all Reiki Spiritual Healing levels.



What is your refund policy?

I offer an unconditional guarantee after a 3 day trial period for the Master Meditation course, Reiki Training course and the Seasonal courses as shown on the product sales page.
Once the 3 day trial examination period has ended, you have made a commitment to follow through and complete the course.
This benefits you and ensures that you have an invested interest in completing the course or courses.
In the event of an unexpected condition where you cannot continue with the course, it will remain as you left it. You can return to it when you are ready.

I do not offer a refund for any 3-10 Day Courses as they offer the full content access upon purchase.

There is a separate agreement for the private consultations, workshops, webinars, Meditations and Reiki sessions that you agree to before payment. These are tailored to be appropriate to the service provided.


Can I purchase any of your products as a gift?

Yes! You will find instruction for how to do this on the order form.


Can I skip the inner child series or the meditation series and begin the reiki training?

The 3 series progression is set up to ensure that you are committed and able to complete each section of development before progressing to the next level.
In this way, you are prepared to advance and have the best chance of realizing and gaining full value for each level.

It is recommended that you complete the Meditation Mastery course before advancing to the Reiki Training.