June, 2019

How My Son Sent Me A Beautiful Crystal Pendant From Heaven

Our Beloved Can and Do Send Us Gifts From Heaven

This is the story of how my deceased son sent me a gift from heaven!

He knew my heart was broken. I firmly believe that he sent it as a token of his continuing love, support and presence in my life.

My only son and youngest child passed from this life on Feb 13th of 2007. 

He took his own life at the age of 26.

I could easily fill volumes with the descriptions of despair, heartache and sorrow that our family suffered as a result of one moment’s rash decision.

Instead, I am going to tell you about one shining, glorious miracle that I experienced after his passing.

Here is what happened:

It was a hot day in early August of 2009 (it had been 18 long months since he passed). I had just finished my daily journal entry; another letter to my son.

I wrote to him daily for several years beginning a week after his funeral.

My focus was broken in almost every area of my life, and writing to him was a way to soothe myself and feel closer to him.

Every day, I began with the entry: ‘Dear Vinnie’.

This journal was, at least in the beginning, a desperate attempt to pretend he was just away from home.

I wanted to say so many things to him, about the family, about my broken heart, prayers, poems, and just to tell him how much I missed him.

Into the writings, I poured out my grief. There were times when I would ask how he could do this to us, other times when I let him know I was trying to understand.

I also focused on how much I would always love him and how I was so very grateful for every moment of his life here on earth that we shared.

We all, as a family, worked hard to maintain our sanity and continue doing the necessary things required of us.

After writing I decided to use a guided meditation

I was still very broken and frequently needed to channel Reiki healing energy for myself.

During the meditation I was led inside a clear, crystal mountain.

In the distance, I could see three spiritual beings approaching.

They were glowing and sparkling with an incredible aura of light surrounding them.

I quickly recognized one of them as my beloved child, my son.

He greeted me in that warm and familiar way. I was flooded with emotion seeing that crooked smile and the slight tip of his head as he said, “Hey Ma”.

The sound of his voice, the melody of his speech and the loving inflection that was his alone. It was as familiar to me as his tiny little fingers and toes had been when he was born.

There was a barrier. I could see the three of them, but somehow knew they would disappear if I attempted to touch them.

There appeared before me, a beautiful treasure chest.

It was made of wood with brass straps and a hinged clasp.

He smiled and told me that there was a special gift inside, a gift from heaven just for me.

I knelt down before the chest and and slowly opened it. There were hundreds of beautiful gems, gold, coins, and so many small treasures!

Then I saw it; a beautiful, red crystal heart.

It had many facets that reflected the light and caused the refraction’s to shine in every direction, with all the colors of the rainbow.

I was transfixed by the sheer beauty of it! It was filled with the love of my son, radiating out from that beautiful pendant!

I knew that this crystal would protect me and guide me through the rest of my life. It would never be any further away then my mind’s eye.

My son wanted to remind me that he was always near me; watching over me and bringing protection and comfort to me in my grief. He loved me so much that he was sending me a gift from heaven!

I returned from this meditation feeling so refreshed!

It was a feeling of hope and a sense of joy I had not felt since his death.

I called my daughter, my husband and my best friend. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing that encounter was for me!

I also underestimated my son’s ability to give me a tangible gift from heaven, as you will see!


About a week later my husband and I went to French Lick Resort in Indiana to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

If you have never been there, I highly recommend it.

We had a routine we followed whenever we visited French Lick and West Baden Springs Hotel.

First, we would walk through the lobby and admire the spectacular architecture and feast on the gold leaf and classical art depicted, even painted on the ceilings.

Next, we would visit the exclusive shops and admire the fabulous wares.

We were window shopping on that first afternoon.  There was an object in a display case that caught my eye and stopped me in my tracks! My heart stopped beating for a moment and my eyes filled with tears!

In a jewelry shop window, there it was.

My red crystal, faceted heart pendant, right there in the display case.

I went inside and asked the sales clerk if I could hold the beautiful pendant. When she handed it to me, I felt like I was in a dream!

The cool temperature, the hefty weight, the burgundy red color, the sparkle of the facets and the way the light reflected off of it was identical to the gift from heaven my son had sent me in my meditation.

Just being able to find and touch this sacred, precious gift from my son and from the vision he sent me was miraculous.

It was also very expensive and it did not even occur to me to buy it. I felt validated in such a mysterious and substantial way that there was no room in my mind for any other thoughts.

I was amazed and perfectly content that my vision had been actualized.

Later, we went to the casino to play for a little while.

I always gambled the same way; $5 per quarter slot machine until I hit for a few bucks. Then stay there and get as many comp points as possible. Overall, I generally accumulated enough points for a meal and an overnight stay without spending more than $50. It was a good system, and while not foolproof, it worked pretty well.

I walked up to a quarter slot machine, put in my $5 and hit for exactly double the price of the pendant!

There were just 20 spins I had budgeted on that machine!

It was at that moment I suddenly felt him beside me.

I felt his generous humor, his love, and even that touch of good-nature sarcasm that asked me if I truly believed a gift from him would ever be less then real and solid?

So of course, I ran back to the jewelry store before it could close and bought the crystal pendant.

This is how my son sent me a gift from heaven.

I know he wants me to share this story with others.


I hope this story brings comfort and hope to those of you grieving the loss of a loved one.


At some point in life we will all experience grief.

While it is a shock and can cause us a great deal of pain and sorrow, it can also be a way to re-establish our spiritual connections and strengthen our faith.

If you would like to explore ways to see the spiritual awakening possible through the grieving process, I would love to have a conversation with you.

You can schedule a Private Consultation where we can explore your connection with the universal healing energy (chakras) we all have within our own spiritual centers.

I am an attuned Reiki Master Healer as well as an Integrative Lifestyle Coach.

I focus on self care practices that aid in recovery from trauma and grief as well as the anxiety and sorrow that can afflict us in the aftermath.

My mission is to empower women to embrace the truth of their own beauty and perfection.
In this space we can establish healthy, authentic and sustainable mind-body-spirit lifestyle practices.