Here is the amazing story of how my son sent me a beautiful gift from heaven.

I wanted to tell you the story of how my deceased son was able to send me a beautiful gift from heaven as a token of his continuing love, support and presence in my life.

My only son and my youngest child passed from this life on Feb.13th of 2007. He took his own life at the age of 26.

I could easily fill volumes with the descriptions of despair, heartache and sorrow that our family suffered as a result of one moments rash decision. Instead, I am going to tell you about one shining, glorious miracle among many that I have experienced since his passing.

It was A hot day in early August of 2009 when I had finished my daily journal entry; another letter to my son.

I wrote to him daily for several years about family happenings, about my broken heart, prayers, poetry and just to tell him how much I miss him. I poured out my grief and worked hard to create a new normal. One that focused on how much I would always love him and how I was so very grateful for every moment of his life here on earth that we shared.

After writing I decided to use a guided meditation and channel some Reiki healing energy for myself.

During the meditation I was led inside a clear, crystal mountain where spiritual beings came before me. I recognized one as my beloved child, my son. He greeted me in that warm and familiar way of his. With that crooked smile and a slight tip of his head as he said, “Hey Ma”. There appeared before me a treasure chest and I was told that there was a special gift inside for me.

As I slowly opened the chest, I saw a beautiful, red crystal heart with facets that reflected the light. It was so beautiful! I felt the love of my son radiating out from that beautiful heart!

I knew that this crystal would protect me and guide me through the rest of my life. It was also to remind me that my son was always near me; watching over and protecting and comforting me in my grief.

I returned from this meditation feeling so refreshed! It was a feeling of hope and a sense of joy I had not felt since his death.

I also underestimated my sons ability to give me a tangible gift, as you will see!

About a week later my husband and I went to French Lick Resort in Indiana to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We were walking around exploring the shops that first afternoon there when I had an object catch my eye and stop my heart for a moment! In a jewelry shop window I saw my red, crystal, faceted heart in the display case. Of course I went inside and asked to see the crystal heart. The sales clerk handed it to me; I felt like I was in a dream!

The cool weight of it, the color, the feel of the facets and the way the light reflected off of it was identical to the one in my meditation.

It truly felt like just being able to find and touch this sacred artifact and precious gift from my vision was validating enough. It was very expensive and it did not immediately occur to me to buy it!

I felt wonderful and amazed and perfectly content that the vision had been actualized.

Later, we went to the casino to play for a little while. I walked up to a quarter slot machine, put in a ten dollar bill and hit for twice the price of the pendant, within just a few spins!

In that moment, I could feel him beside me. I felt his humor and love and even that touch of good-natured sarcasm that brought me exactly double the amount of the pendent!

So of course, I bought the crystal pendant that is a gift sent to me from my son who lives in heaven. I know he wants me to share this story with others.  I hope this can bring comfort and hope to anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. 

At some point in life we all will experience grief. 
While it is a shock and can cause us a great deal of pain and sorrow, it can also be a way to re-establish our spiritual connections and strengthen our faith.

If you would like to explore ways to establish a more positive outlook on life and begin to see the spiritual awakening possible through the grieving process, I would love to have a conversation with you. 

You can schedule a free Private Consultation where we can establish your connection with the universal healing energy we all have within our own spiritual centers.

I am an attuned Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer as well as an Integrative Lifestyle Coach.

My mission is to empower women to embrace the truth of their own beauty and perfection.
In this space we define and establish healthy, authentic and sustainable mind-body-spirit lifestyle practices.


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