Guess What? You Don't Have To Do This Alone!

A lot, in fact most of your stress and anxiety may be  rooted in finding yourself unable or mysteriously unwilling to commit and follow through on the things you know will improve your health and well being.

We will address these tendencies as an outside force that we begin to manage from a spiritual, mental and physical space. You will adapt a method of taking small steps that gradually lead to small successes. In this way, you begin building a healthy lifestyle by starting where you are rather then where you believe you should be.

Acknowledging the beautiful and loving human being that you are right now is a powerful method of self care that adds confidence and clarity.

You are worth the time and effort!

Your Free, Private Initial Consultation Includes:

1- Up to 60 minutes, depending on your schedule

2- Identifying your specific blockages and potential self sabotage issues

3- Setting up your preliminary goals and objectives outline.

4- Determine the schedule and duration of your custom program

5- Our terms and agreement for working together

Schedule by using the button below. You will be given the option of a phone or video consultation. Once you schedule your time and date, you will receive a confirmation message in your email. There will also be a reminder the day before and one hour before with the link to my private video conference room, or phone number depending on your choice. 

At the time of the appointment, just click the link  and you will be sent directly to the waiting room, there you can ‘knock’ and we will begin our consultation. If you choose a phone conversation, you will find the number in your reminder email.