Establish a Positive Mindset


Tips That Help Establish a Positive Mindset

You have your objectives set, your calendar marked and enough enthusiasm to feel great about your goal! You know this can work, but now you remember how the last round ended in failure! This memory may be chipping away at your confidence and maybe even deflating the energy you are starting with. If this sounds like you, you may need to start with learning how to establish a positive mindset. Getting your thinking process into a positive and empowering condition is the first step, and here are some tips to get you there.

Remove Negative Words and Phrases

One of the first ways to establish a positive mindset is to recognize and remove negative words and phrases from your daily life. A simple  way of doing this is to write down the problems you see between you and your goal and brainstorm potential solutions. Highlight words like ‘won’t’, ‘can’t’ or ‘maybe’. These are words that suggest failure and that can have a negative effect on your outcome anticipation.
Think of ways to rephrase the problem into a positive action that will use words like ‘can’ and ‘will’. Begin replacing these words and removing negative thoughts in your daily conversations. Make a mental note when you hear yourself using negative phrases and words. Once you start to see this happening when you are speaking to others, you will begin the process of changing negatives into positives. This does not mean you will automatically become positive about everything, it just means that you are training your mind to look at things differently. You begin to remove unnecessary sources of stress and worry. 

Failure Isn’t a Given

A lot of times, we subconsciously sabotage ourselves by anticipating failure before we even begin. We all fail in some ways while attempting to achieve a goal. Just knowing for certain that this is a normal part of the journey will relieve the stress of feeling like a failure every time we make a mistake or fall short.. When we begin the process of achieving our goals, we start with the intention of reaching it, regardless of the setbacks and roadblocks. This means that failing in one step should not be something that causes us to give up. Remain focused on the end goal and exchange negative self talk with re-commitment. Remind yourself that you are going to succeed and are willing to do what it takes to get there!

Happiness Everyday

Gratitude for our blessings is never overrated! Find something that pleases you about your life every day. This may sound like ‘pie in the sky’  delusional thinking, but the truth is there is huge value in gratitude. Everyone has their share of sorrow and troubles, and we are perfectly reasonable to feel down when things keep going wrong!  The problem arises when we simply focus on the negative without remembering that we also have blessings to be grateful for. This gives way too much power to negativity and leads to hopelessness or just giving up. Inserting just one joyful thought that could be anything from a good cup of coffee to the sound of birds chirping can really alleviate the power of the problems.  This is an effective way to establish a positive mindset over time.

By using these positive techniques at the start of your goal, you can refocus your mindset and keep yourself on track. Overtime you may find the need to recommit to these techniques involved in your journey to establish a positive mindset when you get off track. Just keep in mind, positivity is an ever growing process that continuously empowers you over time.

For more tips on how to get some positivity into your life, check out this article from Mayo Clinic.

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