Toxin-free life at home.


The cleaning products we’ve been using to clean our homes aren’t really so clean.
Unfortunately, these products are often full of toxic chemicals that are damaging to our
health, and that linger in our homes. There are safer options to use that still get the job
done. Today, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite ways of going green and detoxing my home.

Ditch the toxic cleaners.

The biggest change you can make to create a more green home is to swap those chemical-filled cleaners with safer ones.
You can find non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products in most stores, or you can make your own just as easily. Baking soda makes for a fantastic, naturally-effective cleaner that can even get soap scum up with minimal effort.
Tea tree and citrus oils are great for disinfecting. So is white vinegar, and if you want your toilet to sparkle, use white vinegar with a little borax. 

End the cycle of paper towels.

Micro-fiber cloths can attract dirt all on their own. Dampen them up, and you’ll find they make short work of cleaning stainless steel, wood, ceramics, and glass.
Unlike paper towels, you can use them again and again to polish, dust and shine up the surfaces in your home without using nasty chemicals.
Inexpensive cotton washcloths are also usually available at the local dollar store for pennies, and can be washed and used over and over again as well.

Find a natural way to make bugs bug off.

Instead of using the toxic bug spray we’re all used to, seal cracks and holes near entryways, baseboards, and windowsills to prevent bugs from finding their way in. This can also be an effective barrier against cold, moisture or heat seepage from the weather!
For repelling insects, use natural combinations of essential oils like rosemary, citronella, eucalyptus, lavender or mint with witch hazel to create a safe spray for your skin that keeps mosquitoes and other pests from bothering you and your family.

Greenery for clean air.

Add live plants inside your home. Plants are not only a great way to add some life to your home, but they also serve as natural ways to filter your air. Some plants can even pull out harmful toxins that come from the chemicals used to treat your furniture, your electronics, and carpets.
The best plants to do the job are palm trees, spider plant, Boston fern, ficus, snake plant, aloe vera, and the bamboo palm, to name a few. Place a plant in every room… more depending on the size of the space. You’ll be able to breathe easier thanks to your new green friends.
Sharing clippings from the plants of friends and relative is great way to start swapping out interesting plants. It is also an inexpensive way to find out which plants you have a green thumb for, and which ones just don’t get along with you.

This is just a good start, but as you begin to take notice, you will naturally acquire a nice collection of useful habits. 

It isn’t necessary to toss all your current supplies, just begin to replace them as you go.
I look at the ingredient labels before the product is gone and start paying attention while shopping or surfing on the internet. Then, just keep a list of ideas handy for when it is time to replace your stock.