7 Day ​Chakra Balancing One Minute Mini-Meditation Series

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7 Day Chakra Balancing Mini Meditation Series

Begin on Day 1 and return each day for the next mini meditation!

Begin each days meditation by reading through the meditation. Then, you can set a timer for one minute or simply spend the amount of time you like.

Next, close your eyes and take a deep, cleansing breath. This is done by inhaling slowly through your nose and focusing on the breath entering your belly, then slowly exhale out your nose as you release the air from your belly.

Spend the rest of the time imagining the phrase, the color and the area of the body your are focusing on.

If other thoughts try to distract you, gently refocus on your diaphragm and observe the breath entering and leaving your body.

Once you have completed the one minute meditation, you will see your Portable Phrase Carry Out on the bottom of each section. 

This uses the chakra phrase associated with each of the seven chakras. You can use the one provided by writing it down and referring to it throughout the day.

This is a both a symbolic and tangible way to instantly recreate the calm and focus created during the meditation. 

Refer to it when you are needing to regain your emotional equilibrium over the course of your day, or to simply re-experience the focus and relaxation from the meditation.

You can also create your own Portable Phrase to use whenever you revisit this mini meditation!


Day One: Root Chakra "I Am"


Red – Root Chakra
In Sanscrit: Muladhara


Mantra: “I Am” Sanscrit sound:  So’ham

Crystal- Red Jasper
Gland- Adrenal
Element- Earth
Fragrance- Patchouli

As the name suggests, this chakra is the foundation of stability and safety.

Located near the tailbone, it addresses the basic needs that ground day-to-day life.

In practical terms, it is used to release tension and stress in the body.
“I Am” is the phrase to use when grounding to the root chakra. You may also use the Sanscrit version: So’ham.

Inhale deeply as you visualize breathing the color red into the base of the spine area.
Allow the color to expand with the inhale. Visualize the color red spreading through the entire body, gathering any negative energy.

Now, with the exhale, breath out any tension or negative energy and recite the phrase, “I Am” either mentally or out loud.

Repeat as needed to find and release any tension you feel.

Portable Phrase carry out:

I am releasing any tension in my spine”

Day Two: Sacral Chakra "I Feel"

Orange- Sacral Chakra
In Sanscrit: Swadhisthana


Mantra: “I Feel”. In Sanscrit: “vam”
Crystal- carnelian
Gland- testes / ovaries
Element- water
Fragrance- ylang-ylang

This chakra is the home of sexual and creative energy. It is just below the navel and provides enjoyment in life. This is where we release negative emotions.

The Sacral Chakra is your emotional identity. “I Feel” is the phrase to use when connecting to the sacral chakra. You may also use the Sanscrit version “vam”.

Take a deep, complete breath in through your belly and picture the color orange in your mind. Allow the color orange to expand throughout your entire body, gathering any negative emotional energy and tension.
Exhale slowly, releasing the blockages and negative energy using the phrase, “I Feel” either silently or out loud.
Imagine how you are feeling emotionally upon the inhale.
As you slowly exhale, focus on calming yourself emotionally by imagining how it feels to be mentally relaxed.

Repeat as needed to find and release any stressful emotions you feel.


Portable Phrase Carry Out:

I Feel Focused and Balanced Today”

Day Three: Solar Plexus Chakra "I Do"
Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra
In Sanscrit: Manipura
Mantra: “I Do” Sanscrit version: “ram”
Color: Yellow
Crystal- citrine
Gland- pancreas
Element- fire
Fragrance- neroli

Occupying the central abdomen region beneath the breastbone.

This chakra contributes to self-confidence and self-esteem.
Use this chakra to visualize your personality and self image as you would like it to be.

Take a deep breath and visualize breathing the color yellow into the area above the naval.
Allow the color to expand with the inhale, spreading through the entire body and gathering any negative energy. Notice any feelings of inadequacy or self consciousness.

As you exhale, recite the phrase “I do” as you exhale the blockages and negative energy.
You may also use the Sacscrit version, “ram”.

Repeat as needed to boost your confidence and awareness.

Portable Phrase Carry Out:

I Do Love and Appreciate Myself Today”

Day Four: Heart Chakra "I Love"

Green: Heart Chakra
In Sanscrit: 


Mantra: “I Love”. Sanscrit version: “yam”.
Color: green
Crystal- malachite
Gland- thymus
Element- air
Fragrance- rose

Consistent with the wide association between the heart and love, this chakra is located in the central chest and area of the heart.
It is responsible for love, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness.
This chakra is used to visualize a sense of inner peace and well being.

The Heart Chakra represents the love you have, that is part of who you are. The phrase associated with the heart chakra is “I Love”. You may also use the Sanscrit version “yam”.

Visualize the color green as you breath into the center of the chest and through the heart area.
Allow the color to expand throughout your body as you inhale, gathering any negative feelings or tension.
Exhale reciting the phrase “I Love” as you release negative emotions or blockages.

The green is your sense of inner peace, expressing what you feel in your heart.

As you slowly breathe through this meditation, imagine loving peacefulness or a memory or place that reminds you of peace.

Repeat as needed to enjoy your inner love and sense of peace.


Portable Phrase Carry Out:

I love the joy and peace that lives in my heart”
Day Five: Throat Chakra "I Speak"
Blue: Throat Chakra
In Sanscrit: Vishuddhi


Mantra: “I Speak”. In Sanscrit: “ham”
Color: blue
Crystal- blue lace agate
Gland- thyroid
Element- ether
Fragrance- lavender

True to its location, this chakra gives your personal truths a voice.
It represents self expression and independence as you increasingly become more assertive and self assured. The color blue represents your voice and all the wisdom that you have to share.

The Throat Chakra is represented by the phrase, “I Speak”. You may also use the Sanscrit version, “ham”.
The area of focus is your throat and neck.
Take a deep breath in through your throat area and imagine the color blue. As you inhale, allow the color to spread throughout your entire body, gathering any self doubt and negativity.
Exhale as you release the negative feelings and blockages and recite the phrase, “I Speak”.
This area also represents your voice and a knowing that you are heard and that what you say matters.
Repeat as needed to imagine your voice being heard and spreading all the love and wisdom within you.

Portable Phrase Carry Out:

I speak my truth with confidence and wisdom”

Day Six: Third Eye Chakra "I See"

Indigo: Third Eye Chakra
In Sanscrit:



Mantra: “I See” Sanscrit: “om”
Color: Indigo
Crystal- lapis lazuli
Gland- pituitary
Element- light
Fragrance- sandalwood

Also referred to as the mind’s eye, or third eye, this chakra is housed just between the eyebrows and is responsible for intuition, inspiration and inner sight.
This is where you connect to your innermost self, or inner child.
It is where your inner ‘knowing’ exists. Here is where you can begin releasing self judgments and doubts about your perceptions.

The Third Eye Chakra is represented by the phrase “I See”.  You may also use the Sanscrit version, ” om”

Visualize breathing the color indigo into the forehead area over the brow.

Allow the color to spread throughout the entire body, gathering tension and negative energy.

As you exhale, recite the phrase, “I See” as you release the negativity and blockages
Reflect on your inner child. Send loving thoughts and appreciation for the experiences shared and remembered.

Repeat as needed as you explore the inner child that lives within you.

Portable Phrase Carry Out:

I see and protect my inner child”

Day Seven: Crown Chakra "I Understand"
Violet: Crown Chakra
In Sanscrit: Sahasrara


Mantra: “I Understand”. Sanscrit: “aum”
Color: violet
Crystal- amethyst 
Gland- pineal
Element- space
Fragrance- frankincense

This chakra allows the mind to achieve its most enlightened  spirituality, courage and values. This chakra provides the strongest spiritual connection with the surrounding universe.
It is here that we are able to manifest our highest goals and ideals.

The Crown Chakra is represented by the phrase, “I Understand”.  This is your wisdom and manifestation area where you may begin releasing inhibitions and subconscious fears.
The area of focus it the very top of your head.

Visualize breathing in the color violet through the top of the head. This is the level of your most vulnerable and secret self, as it represents what it is in both your mind and your subconscious.
Allow the color to spread throughout the entire body, gathering negativity, fear and blockages.

As you exhale, recite the phrase, “I Understand” and release all the negative energy and blockages. Visualize all of your dreams coming true.

As you meditate, imagine your innermost feelings and desires becoming reality.
As the final level, it can be good to spend a slightly longer amount of time with this one.


Repeat as needed.

Portable Phrase Carry Out:

I understand that I am manifesting my hopes and dreams”

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Once you have completed all seven days, you will enjoy and appreciate the Rainbow Meditation Technique PDF Guide as a full integration of all the mini meditations..

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  1. Cheryl M

    I am enjoying these mini meditations. I am on day 2 and already feel a benefit. I love to meditate and this is a great reminder to start the day off more focused, while connecting to you inner self.

  2. Coach: T

    I am so glad you are enjoying it!

  3. Coach: T

    What day are you on, and how is it going?

  4. Cathy O

    I loved learning the color, element, gland, etc! How fascinating. And the quick and easy mantra was great. Easy to remember, and it helps me to really learn what each chakra is for. Thank you!

  5. Coach: T

    Thank you Cathy, it is always great to hear about positive results!

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