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Time To Shine

Membership Community

This is a powerful support community where you will immediately begin to experience the healthy lifestyle results you have only dreamed of in the past!

You are here because you are ready to take charge of your wellness habits while enjoying fun, laughter and fellowship.

 Exciting group projects, regular workshops and valuable prizes make it easy to stay on track and motivated!

Knowing what it takes to maintain our health and well being is not enough!

Being connected to a fellowship and a system of guidance and community, designed to keep you engaged and motivated for success is the key to success.

Talk is cheap, so why not start your 10 day trial and find out for yourself? 

Seeing is believing!

You don’t need to worry about complex cancellation or unsubscribe hoops to jump through!

You will find two additional options in your account settings:

1- You may pause your membership.
Just hit the pause button, and your membership will be put on hold for the upcoming billing period, for up to 90 days in any 12 month period.
When you are ready to return, hit the resume button and everything will open back up with the current membership activities.

3- You will also find a self cancel option; your membership will continue for the remaining days and at that point, you will lose access and billing will discontinue.

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What you Get by Enrolling

Each monthly focus topic begins on the first day of the upcoming calendar month.
You will be reminded via email and in the community of the start date for each month.
You will also find regular daily, weekly and monthly wellness tracking and resources to use at any time.
Our community enables access to regular updates and discussion topics in the private community, as well as a variety of resources.

Seasonal Themes


Winter: Jan, Feb, Mar are focused on the body and self care practices that aid in keeping us strong and healthy. Getting our weight and nutrition habits back on track after the holiday season is priority.

Spring: Apr, May, June are focused on the mind. Together, we build our self confidence, self image and focus on empowering our thinking skills and ability to visualize success. This is also the perfect time to detox our environment, home, relationships and spirit.

Summer: July, Aug, Sept we focus on spiritual matters, such as meditation and learning to manage stress, anxiety and self healing practices. The focus is on enjoying the summer season and taking full advantage of all the wonderful outdoor activities offered.

Autumn: Oct, Nov, Dec are dedicated to having a fun, fit and stress free holiday season. Together, we get prepared for an exciting season… without all the regular problems that tend to ruin even the best of times! There are also crafts, contests and weekly check ups to make sure we are on track with our budget, our weight and our energy. We end the autumn season by setting our goals and objective for the new year.

Monthly Challenge

There is a new topic, preparation period, challenge and follow up for each month of the year where we focus on a wellness topic specific to the seasons theme.

Daily & Weekly Self Care Activities

There are daily and weekly links for accessing regular wellness habits  such as fitness, nutrition, mood regulation and more.

New Monthly Wellness Topic

Each month features a new topic which relates to the seasonal theme.

Private Community Membership

Our members have access to a private community for fun activities, discussion and other ways to interact with members of the community.

Completion Incentives

For each month that you complete all the sections for that month, you will be rewarded with an incentive bonus.


If any of your questions are not answered in this faq section, use the contact link at the top of the page in the main menu.

How does the 10 day trial work?

Its pretty straightforward. You register by paying $1 for 10 days. Your membership begins as soon as your trial is complete. You will be automatically upgraded and billed every 30 days after that, until or unless you decide to either cancel your account, or pause it.
Limited to one Trial Membership per person.
Your membership fee will not increase, as long as you do not cancel your account! Once your account has been cancelled, you will need to pay the updated price of membership at the time you re-subscribe.
Pausing your membership is not considered a cancellation, unless you pause longer then the amount of time allowed.
You are allowed to pause for a total of 90 days during any 12 month period.

How often do you release new content?

Each season lasts 3 months and focuses on a theme which reflects that time of year.

There is a new topic for each month that breaks the season into sections of focus. We have a preparation period, a new and fun challenge and a follow up period for each month of the year. During this time, we focus on a specific wellness topic that fits into the seasonal theme.
Each months challenge includes regular workshops where we can track our progress, ask questions and get support.
There is also a menu that links to daily and weekly wellness tools. In this way, we can manage our foundation wellness habits such as fitness, nutrition, mood tracking and much more.

What if I have problems accessing the membership site or videos or other content?

  1. Be sure your browser is properly updated
  2. Turn off any other devices that may be using your wifi signal or bandwidth
  3. If you are a heavy internet user, especially if you watch a lot of video: please restart your device and try again.
  4.  Search for instructions on clearing your browser cache for whichever one you are using.
  5. Wifi can be intermittent and cause connection issues, it is best to use a wired connection for heavy or video use.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! And… you do not have to contact support or jump through hoops!
You will find the option to cancel your membership in your account tab in the menu.
You may also pause your account for up to 90 days each year without losing your subscription price.
Upon cancellation, your account will automatically end on the last day of your current membership period.
We do not offer refunds or prorated adjustments.
Each month is automatically billed to the credit card on file and will stop automatically on the day of the upcoming billing period, at which time your membership access will end.
Keeping it simple is key to peace of mind.
Your membership will continue through the currently paid period at which time you will lose access to the membership, unless or until you decide to re-join us at a future date.
If you are not satisfied during your trial period, simply go to your account and cancel before the 10 day period ends, and you will end your membership and billing on the final day of your trial period.


What if I have problems or questions?

You can use the contact form at any time to get ahold of me, or you can ask for ideas and suggestions from other members by going to the community.
I generally respond within 24 hours except on weekends and holidays.
Please note that technical support issues caused by your device are not covered by our support team in this membership.
Clearing out your cache and/or restarting your device is often the easiest solution to try.

Time To Shine

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