​Free Discovery Consultation

Do you dream of…

  • Achieving self confidence
  • Enjoying vibrant energy
  • Overcoming grief, stress and trauma
  • Managing your time more effectively
  • Developing reasonable boundaries in your relationships
  • Attaining spiritual and emotional balance
  • Taking control of destructive eating and lifestyle habits

​We will learn where you are… where you want to be… & how to get you there!

 It all starts with your free discovery consultation

What to expect:

We will spend about one hour talking about you, exploring your dreams, your goals and what you want your life to be.

We will be discussing many aspects of your life history and lifestyle.

You decide what to share in regards to loss and grief, spiritual practice, career, relationships, fitness, nutrition, and more…

This is your opportunity to lay all the cards on the table in a safe and supportive space.

This is how we can determine the appropriate course of action for your individual circumstances, lifestyle and desires.

​Are you ready to get started?

I have nearly completed my 12 Session Program with Theresa Sailor who has been a wonderful health coach.

Specifically she brings an extensive knowledge of nutrition, the inner workings of the food industry and the know how of organic farming.

Along with these technical gifts, she is warm, supportive and attentive to detail that provides accountability and professionalism to the relationship.

I highly recommend Theresa Sailor as your Health Coach.

Alissa Skinner

Physical Therapist