About Coach Theresa

You can overcome self sabotage tendencies and the resulting anxiety
I am a victorious survivor of childhood trauma and abuse

Hi, My name is Theresa Sailor


 As an Integrative Lifestyle Coach and Reiki Master-Spiritual Healer, my mission is to empower women survivors of childhood trauma to overcome self sabotage and damaged self esteem.

You have been through hell, and believed you were free of it at last!
It is likely that you have been wired through childhood trauma to see the world from a defensive and reactive position.
‘Triggers’ have been long established that frequently set off defense mechanism that are rooted in simple survival!

You are aware that this is interfering with your ability to experience your life in a joyful and positive way.

The problem is, self sabotage, anxiety and negative self talk can persist decades after the damage was inflicted.

That persistent, nagging feeling that you are somehow not enough seems to persist and color everything you do.

Deep down inside, you believe in yourself. You are ready to work through these issues, but don’t know where to begin!

Just when there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, something always happens.

Some small or large problem comes up and your best intentions seem to collapse.

* Do you run out of time because you are constantly stepping away to help someone?

* Does it often happen that you say or do something that sabotages the entire project?

* Have you often misinterpreted criticism as an attack, and over reacted?

There seems to be roadblocks that come from nowhere and interfere with everything!

My Approach & Values

I spent many years educating myself as a wellness coach and spiritual healer. 

My intention has always been to break down the barriers of imposed shame and misplaced guilt.  This is a big part of providing the tools to rebuild self esteem.

You cannot begin this journey from where you wish you were.
The first step is to appreciate yourself as the beautiful and perfect spiritual being you are…right now.

We begin by focusing on mind, body and spiritual lifestyle issues. This is about taking small self care steps. These steps lead to a gradual and permanent positive self identity.

Small steps lead to huge gains over time! 

I don’t have all the answers…

But I have spent many years learning how to rewire my emotions.

I offer proven methods that have made all the difference in my own life and in the lives of my clients.

 Some of these techniques may seem unconventional or unexpected.

You may find yourself laughing hysterically, or even crying when something touches the inner child you protect in your heart.

I Understand:

Because I have been there.

I spent the first five decades of my life overcoming the after-effects of childhood trauma.

You can read my story here.

In short, I was placed in foster care at 4 and at 6, I became a caregiver and virtual slave for the next 9 years.
At some point, the idea that I was not enough became entrenched in my self identity.
I thought in terms of how I was responsible for all the bad things that happened to me and anyone around me.

My self talk involved calling myself the names that I was called as a child and accusing myself of awful things.
I was buried under a ton of misplaced guilt and shame. 

I grew up in a foster home.
We sometimes had 10 or more babies
in diapers; I was responsible for much of their care

You have your own version of childhood trauma and abuse which is both unique and personal to you


Some of us suffered extreme trauma and abuse.

Many may not have recognized that we were being traumatized and abused.

There is proof in the anxiety and self sabotage that now overshadows our existence.

The bottom line is this:

We cannot erase the effects of being wired to react defensively as children.

History is pretty well fixed!

But, we can develop tools that give us the space and means to manage our lifestyle choices in a healthier and more positive way.

Let’s go on a wellness journey 

We will integrate mind, body & spirit in the form of self-care & positive mindset…resulting in vibrant energy, emotional well-being and spiritual freedom.

Together, we use a holistic approach to wellness and build a balanced and vibrant lifestyle.


“The true beginning of change is learning to love ourselves exactly as we are right now.”

It is only from this positive mindset that we recognize our habits are not who we are, they are only what we do.

One Minute Mini Meditation Series

Adult survivors of childhood traumaAre you ready to experience Inner Peace and Emotional Balance…
By quickly reducing stress & anxiety?

My Education


Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I received my training at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition.

My studies included health and wellness, nutrition and diet theories, communication skills, contemporary health issues, coaching, active listening, food politics, and small business management.

My training also included lifestyle coaching methods, holistic nutrition philosophy, business training, lifestyle management techniques and innovative coaching methods


Reiki Master in the USUI system of natural healing

Reiki is a spiritual frequency and vibration healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system.

Reiki is used for stress reduction and for opening and balancing of the Chakra’s, which are the spiritual energy centers of the body.


Certified Natural Health Consultant

I received my training at the Stratford Career Institute.

There, I acquired extensive knowledge about natural health and healing modalities, herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements, and holistic nutrition.


A Lifetime Of Hands On Training

Growing up:

Growing up in an established foster care home, I was raised with a constant stream of babies coming and going. 
At one time, we had 11 in diapers with no outside help.
It was my responsibility to help maintain a clean and safe environment 
I provided for a lot of their training and supporting of various child development stages.
It was a privilege to be able to provide some degree of love and intimacy that they were missing.


Midlife Studies:

Over the years I acquired many healthy lifestyle skills in both conventional and alternative practice.
I have both studied and practice the following:
Positive mindset and mindfulness
Energy channeling for healing
General nutrition guidelines
Basic fitness
Ethics and moral integrity
Grief management



My husband of 20 years passed away after long battle with end stage renal failure. His ureter tubes were defective at birth and eventually backed up and silently destroyed his kidneys.
I was his support partner and health care advocate since Jan, 2015.
After many years, many rebounds and many treatments, we lost the final battle March 27th, 2021.
I was at his when he passed away.

We were trained by DaVita Kidney Care to provide both manual and automated peritoneal dialysis treatments in our home.
Administering prescribed injections and assisting him in monitoring his medications was one of many important responsibilities.
Another primary aspect of his care was maintaining a very strict, renal diet while maintaining variety.

I am gluten intolerant and have successfully eliminated gluten from my own diet.
This was discovered in 2004 when I had a gene test done to confirm it.

My daughter suffered a massive stroke in 2016.
She has been able to restore nearly all of her physical and cognitive abilities.
It was my pleasure to attend many of her therapy sessions.  She was able to push through and rebuild important brain connections.


Early adult vocation:

I began working in the health and wellness industry in 1984 as a personal care health assistant.
My patients included dozens of senior citizens, children and disabled adults.
Caring for injured and aged people was my vocation for 17 years.

Among the many skill modules I was taught during that time were the following:

Basic nutrition
Personal care and hygiene
Signs and symptoms of disease
Maintaining a clean and safe environment
Appropriate food choices for specific conditions  
Range of motion therapy
Social and family dynamics
Respect for cultural and personal values
End of life support
Managing grief and loss

I was educated to provide home care for specific conditions such as; Alzheimer disease, diabetes, dementia, stroke, cardiac issues, renal failure and many others.


Grief and loss:

On March 27th, 2021 husband passed away after a 6 year illness where his health gradually declined and he eventually lost all quality of life. He transitioned with me by his side.
I would love to say I handled this well, but that would be a untrue. There is a hole in my life and a sad loneliness that will always be there.
What I did though, was to maintain my mental, physical and spiritual condition from deteriorating during the first years of shock and trauma. I am fortunate to have the education and experience to keep my promise to him; that I would build a new life and find reasons embrace joy and gratitude every day.

My only son and youngest child took his life February 13th of 2007. At that time I began a journey of complicated and traumatic grief.
I became educated and experienced in managing grief. Developing a new reality that includes self healing and restoring quality of life.
Through that horrendous experience, I became a survivor of suicide loss.

I am also well versed in:


  1. Basic food preparation and kitchen safety
  2. Pantry and food storage organization
  3. Basic menu planning and shopping
  4. Organic gardening for home use
  5. Simple budgeting and money management


I enjoy organic gardening, preserving and storage of seasonal foods. We use composting to maintain garden health without chemicals.
Reading is my passion! I enjoy supernatural thrillers, fantasy and science fiction!
Maintaining a large collection of holistic, traditional and modern wellness reference and research publications keeps me up to date and informed.
Being out in the parks and forests is both recreation and therapy.

"I would like to take a moment to say what a pleasure it was working with Theresa during the last 3 months. Theresa has a kind, caring, non-judgmental approach that opens you up to her. With Theresa s help I was able to narrow down some of my unhealthier lifestyle choices and she encouraged me to take baby steps instead of changing everything all at once. This helped me to continue with the changes throughout the week and begin adding another small change every other week. I really enjoyed the pantry makeover video we made together"

Cheryl Miller – RN

"My top goals working with Theresa were to lose weight and get back to clean eating. I wasn't feeling well, had put on weight and had no motivation to lose it. She had great suggestions for snacks and encouraged healthy choices by providing recipes, information on food choices and self care. I would describe Theresa as caring, informed and very knowledgeable. She is dedicated to the success of each person"

Sherry Bitely

"I have nearly completed my six month program with Theresa Sailor who has been a wonderful health coach. Specifically, she brings extensive knowledge of human nutrition, the inner workings of the food industry and the know-how of organic farming. Along with these technical gifts she is warm, supportive and attentive to detail while providing accountability and professionalism to the relationship. I highly recommend Theresa as a health coach"

Alissa Skinner: Physical Therapist

"I am in stage 5 kidney failure. Theresa was able to help me start planning a menu and prepare simple meals that work with my diet restrictions. She also helped me to start exercising more regularly and use some meditations to help with anxiety. I am glad she is working with me, there are a lot of things I have learned that improve my quality of life with her help and guidance"

Claude Sailor: Film Scrap Recycling