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This step by step Planning guide will make your New Year’s Resolutions turn into a road-map to success.
Includes the following sections:

I- Start at the beginning
II- Dream Big
III- Choose Wisely
IV- Set Smart Goals
V- Decide Where to Begin
VI- Get Accountable
Having the right planner can turn your dreams into your success story!

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Organization is the key difference between success and failure. This is your year to make your resolutions become reality!

No more procrastination, you can make your dreams come in 2019.  

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Coach To Your Health

I offer Integrative Lifestyle Coaching which includes the full spectrum of incorporating nutrition, fitness and lifestyle balance to my clients.

Success is achieved by establishing self care and personal empowerment strategies resulting in victory over acquired habits and tendencies.

My specialty is working with women who are experiencing stubborn weight gain; leaving them with that quiet feeling of despair which seems to increase with every diet failure.


You are here because you want real solutions that do not restrict or inhibit your favorite things in life.

You have tried so many diets that you could open a library!

Guess what?

You can shed those stubborn pounds and enjoy a sustainable level of fitness that DOES NOT leave you with cravings and exhaustion!

I know because I have been there!

I struggled with food issues for decades!

Cravings, intolerance, excess weight, fatigue, brain fog….the list goes on and on.

Each failure added to my loss of self esteem.

I began to believe I would never achieve control over my own body!

It was not until I joined the ranks of activists and researchers who are shining a bright light on our current food supply and industrial farming practices that I began to see the problem.

The single major discovery I found was that I was not eating enough to sustain my health!

My body was deprived of nutrients and the cravings were a healthy manifestation of my own survival instincts!

I was starving. I was always hungry no matter how much I ate.

This was not a personal shortcoming, nor was it my fault.

You will be amazed at the results fun and easy shifts in perspective can bring to your life! 

Who wants to go through life deprived, and worst of all HUNGRY?

This is for you if you would like to enjoy holistic wellness with a sense of balance and peace of mind.​​

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My training and education includes:

  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Red Cross Personal Health Care Training Program

  • The Stratford Career Institute- Natural Health Consultant

  • Usui Reiki Master Certification

  • A variety of coaching, wellness and business courses.

My experience and history:

I began working in the health and wellness industry in 1984 as a personal care health assistant. Over the years I acquired many healthy lifestyle skills in both conventional and alternative practice. I became aware that we need to utilize both ancient and current philosophies in order to attain healthy balance.

I am offering my skills, education and experience with Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Wellness and Spiritual balance.

You will enjoy a variety of fun and exciting coaching methods such as workshops, conferences, challenges and teamwork that promotes balance and well being.

Incorporating a team spirit with group activities adds variety and fun as well as encouragement and accountability to your wellness program. 

I have been certified to teach a variety of self care and integrative lifestyle practices.

We utilize strong community and leadership skills.

You will enjoy a system of empowerment using assessments and action steps.

This system will empower you to achieve and maintain:

Healthy and stable weight

Vibrant energy

Spiritual balance

Emotional well being.

Together, we can create a step by step road map that will unlock the joyful and fulfilling lifestyle that you know you deserve.

These carefully crafted programs and courses are designed to fit your unique lifestyle and circumstances.

You will establish new and gratifying wellness habits.

They are based on your individual background, ancestry, environment and existing circumstances, among other factors.

Once established, these new and gratifying wellness habits can be maintained with ease while you enjoy your life, your family and your community.


My Courses and Programs. 

You will find my courses and programs are rewarding, lots of fun, employ both fellowship and teamwork, and are built to ensure permanent and sustainable results. 

You will be introduced you to exciting and effective methods of integrating healthy lifestyle habits: painlessly and easily.

Are you are ready to manifest your true vision?

I am looking forward to your success!

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We are a community of like minded people who support and encourage each other on our wellness journey.

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