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Coach To Your Health

Mind, Body & Spirit Holistic Wellness Coach

My programs and services empower women to embrace the truth of their own beauty and perfection .
In this space we define and establish healthy, authentic and sustainable mind-body-spirit lifestyle practices.

My passion is creating the foundation for wellness by establishing positive mindset and self care using team support, meditation and recognizing that all change begins with self love and self respect.

I am a survivor of long term childhood abuse; physical, emotional and spiritual. Offering support systems and tools for women who struggle with anxiety and low self esteem due to childhood trauma is my specialty.

Having survived and thrived in spite of the consequences this experience is known to create for adult survivors of abuse, I am uniquely qualified to offer support to others who may be struggling with this.

 Integrative Lifestyle Coaching includes the full spectrum of incorporating spirituality, nutrition, fitness and balance to my clients.

Success is achieved by establishing self care and personal empowerment strategies resulting in victory over acquired habits and tendencies.

Some of the side effects that adult survivors may experience are:

Weight gain
Unresolved Grief
Feeling Stuck
Self Condemnation
Loss of confidence
Social Anxiety
Avoidance of conflict
People pleasing
Self blame
Misplaced guilt…..

The list of what we deal with is almost endless and affects us at every level.


You are here because you want real solutions that do not induce guilt; solutions that empower you.


Guess what?


You can free yourself from those negative emotions and enjoy a sustainable level of physical/spiritual/emotional wellness that DOES NOT leave you with confusion and frustration!



You will be amazed at the results fun and easy shifts in perspective can bring to your life! 

Who wants to go through life deprived, guilt ridden and worst of all spiritually HUNGRY?

I have always been a spiritual seeker. I am familiar with many different aspects of religion in general. I have come to understand that spirituality is a virtual buffet to be served on a ‘take what you need and leave the rest’ basis. Each of us as individuals have a very powerful need to find the truth.


What is truth?

We all have a personal and eternal truth within ourselves.

Many of us have stifled that truth and buried it under mountains of fear, guilt, shame and confusion.

I am offering my skills, education and experience with Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Wellness and Spiritual Healing practices.

You will enjoy this exploration of what your own inner child has to offer!

Incorporating a team spirit with group activities adds variety and fun as well as encouragement and accountability to your personal wellness program.

I have been certified to teach a variety of self care and integrative lifestyle practices.

My services are based on a system of personal empowerment using self-care and exploring your own inner truth.

This is for you if you would like to enjoy holistic wellness with a sense of balance and peace of mind.

You will be amazed at how much benefit you can enjoy with a system of empowerment that allows you to shift your perspective! 



My training and education includes:


  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Red Cross Personal Health Care Training Program

  • The Stratford Career Institute- Natural Health Consultant

  • A variety of Integrative Coaching, Holistic Wellness and Practical Business Courses

  • Reiki Master Initiation & Certification


    Reiki Master Affiliate MemberI am an attuned Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Healing.
    I was attuned at level I and II during the summer of 2002 by Reiki Masters Doreen Russel and Martha Creek.
    After many years of practicing Reiki healing on family and friends, and seeing many near miraculous transformations, I decided to pursue Reiki Advanced and Master/Teacher Certification. (Learn more about the ancient practice of Reiki Here )      
    I was attuned at Unity of Louisville Temple in Louisville, Ky by Reverend Valerie Mansfield March of 2016


My experience and history:


Growing up in an established foster care home, I was raised with a constant stream of babies coming and going.  At one time, we had 11 in diapers. I was responsible for a lot of their care and maintaining a clean environment for them.

I began working in the health and wellness industry in 1984 as a personal care health assistant. I worked for dozens of senior citizens, children and disabled adults. I spent over 11 years caring for injured and aged people.

Among the many skill modules I was taught during that time were the following: basic nutrition, fitness practices, emotional and social dynamics, respect for spiritual values, signs and symptoms of imbalance, end of life support, grief and emotional/spiritual trauma, obesity, practical lifestyle skills and many more.

I am also well versed in food preparation, safety, gardening, preserving and storage of seasonal foods, kitchen and pantry organization, menu planning, budgeting for healthier selections and a lot more.

Over the years I acquired many healthy lifestyle skills in both conventional and alternative practice.

We have a great need to utilize both ancient and current philosophies in order to attain and maintain healthy balance.

This system will empower you to achieve and maintain:

Vibrant energy

Spiritual balance

Emotional well being.

Lifestyle habits that enhance physical fitness and balanced nutrition.

Stable and reasonable weight management.



Together, we can create a step by step road map that will unlock the joyful and fulfilling lifestyle that you know you deserve.

You will establish new and gratifying wellness habits.

We will explore your individual background, family culture, ancestry, environment and existing circumstances, among other factors.

Once established, these new and gratifying wellness habits can be maintained with ease while you enjoy your life, your family and your community.

We can accomplish together what may seem to be impossible to do alone.


My Courses and Programs


You will find my courses and programs are rewarding, lots of fun, employ both fellowship and teamwork, and are built to ensure permanent and sustainable results. 

I incorporate all my skills with each client and we progress at your pace. These may include the following:

Reiki healing sessions
Private one on one consultations
Step by step programs to establish regular and sustainable new habits
Peer groups to provide encouragement, support and accountability

You will be introduced to exciting and effective methods of integrating healthy lifestyle habits: painlessly and easily.

You will learn to release what no longer serves your highest good while incorporating healthy lifestyle practices that bring you healing and self empowerment.

Are you are ready to manifest your future?

I am looking forward to your success!

Self Empowerment Begins Here:

I highly recommend that everyone should complete the following two units as a foundation for self empowerment. 

We learn to honor ourselves, just as we are.

We begin to commit ourselves to a more positive attitude.

Gratitude becomes a natural reaction, in spite of outside negativity.

A new emotional state of self respect and self awareness is born.


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