Fun, Fit & Healthy Holidays


Fun, Fit & Healthy Holidays

Would you like avoid holiday crunch time this year and all the stress that comes with it? 

How do you feel about creating a budget that you customize for YOUR circumstances?

Imagine beginning the new year without excess debt or piled up bills!

Just for once, wouldn’t you love to really enjoy all those holiday traditions and meals….. without the weight gain?

You can accomplish all this…and much more as well!

Find out how today!

Course begins on November 19th, but you can get started immediately by signing up today! You will receive a welcome package with your preparation instructions and a link to join the Healthy Lifestyle Community.

Begins November 19th








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​Do you ever just wish there was a way to shed those stubborn pounds & maintain a reasonable level of fitness that actually makes sense? 

We live in a confusing time. We are constantly being bombarded by the uncertainty and contradictions of the diet industry. Never ending and conflicting information is everywhere!

Would you love to get off the diet roller coaster and employ some healthy habits that do NOT result in deprivation, cravings and defeat?

If so, you are in the right place.

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​I offer Integrative Lifestyle Coaching to women who would like to enjoy holistic wellness with a sense of balance and peace of mind.
You can freely explore my wellness philosophy by reading my blog and ​checking out my

Courses and Programs. 

You will be introduced you to my methods of integrating healthy lifestyle habits: painlessly and easily.

Are you are ready to really roll up your sleeves and make a commitment? If so, you will find my courses and programs are lots of fun, employ both fellowship and teamwork, and are built to ensure permanent and sustainable results.

I am looking forward to your success!