My name is Theresa Sailor

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
 Integrative Lifestyle Coaching

My specialty is working with women who have a strong desire to achieve and maintain healthy and stable weight, vibrant energy, spiritual balance and emotional well being by recognizing and overcoming Detrimental Eating and Lifestyle Habits.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

Excessive Weight Gain
Digestive Issues
Brain Fog


I am trained to offer a system of  empowerment using a unique process of self discovery and establishing Integrative Lifestyle Habits.



Isn’t this the way  you would really like to describe yourself?


“My weight is stable and in a healthy range”

“I enjoy vibrant energy”

“I enjoy fun and loving relationships with firm but reasonable boundaries”

“I have peace of mind with a liberating sense of well-being”

“I enjoy deep and restful sleep”

“I love my fun and effective fitness routine”

“There is a wonderful feeling of self confidence as I go through my days”

“I am passionate, fulfilled and love my profession”

Together, we can create a step by step road-map  that will unlock the joyful and fulfilling and integrative lifestyle that you know you deserve!


Self Empowerment begins here!


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My Services


Your Complete Transformation Starts Here!

If you have the desire to pursue change, you have come to the right place!

Coach Theresa is an expert adviser who is passionate about what she does.

She will help you design your personalized program, featuring all of the tools and encouragement you need to radically expand your ability to sustain changes that will last a lifetime!

Coach Theresa will help you explore all of the aspects of your life that are holding you back from genuine health and impacting the way you feel.


Find your inner healthy Today!


6, 12 or 24 Session Private Coaching Package


We can schedule weekly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions.

The frequency will be determined according to your progress as we go through your individual program.


'Pure' Plant Based Diet


Discover a vibrant diet and lifestyle based on plants.

Whole-food and plant based can be scary, but with PURE you’ll receive ongoing support from an experienced health coach and a physician-approved program to ensure a fun, successful transition.

You’ll learn exactly what to eat and how to

prepare it with kitchen tips, delicious recipes that your family will love,

shopping lists, meal plans, and more.

A Lighter Life


This is a 12 week program designed to help you 'take back your life'!

Issues such as the following will be addressed:

Letting Go
Social Connections
Addictive Behaviour

And much more!


Slim, Sexy and Smart


Join us and learn that you can eat good food, enjoy your food and lose weight all at the same time.

You’ll find our focus is around healthy eating, combined with stress-releasing days of fun, moderate exercise, proper supplementation & lots of self-care.

We’ll get you going with basic concepts, then add more advanced Slim, Sexy & Smart secrets to maintain your progress.


You don’t have to surrender yourself to endless cycles of compulsive eating, stress and fatigue!

Don’t let lack of sleep or low energy hold you back or tie you down, any longer.

You really don’t need the uncertainty and contradictions of the diet industry confusing you about what to eat!

I will help you design a step-by-step plan to map out and reshape all the elements of your life that aren’t working for you and create a more integrative lifestyle, because we know that you are more than just a sum of your parts.

I urge you to commit to yourself and take this first critical step in forging a new you, one that aligns with your true sense of purpose and happiness to create the life you want, the energy you need and the vitality your deserve!

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Here’s What Other Clients Had to Say


I would like to take a moment to say what a pleasure it was working with Theresa during the last 3 months. Theresa has a kind, caring, non-judgmental approach that opens you up to her.

With Theresa s help I was able to narrow down some of my unhealthier lifestyle choices and she encouraged me to take baby steps instead of changing everything all at once.

This helped me to continue with the change throughout the week and begin adding another small change every other week.  I absolutely recommend Theresa to anyone who is ready to gently take charge of their health.

Theresa takes a holistic approach to help heal your mind/body/spirit through nutrition, education and support.

Cheryl Thomas

Registered Nurse

As a newly diagnosed kidney patient experiencing ESRF, I was completely unprepared for the dietary restrictions I suddenly found myself under.

My dietitian was very helpful in informing me of what my restrictions were, but I did not know how to implement the diet into my lifestyle.

Theresa was able to help me learn how to plan, shop for and prepare meals that are in line with my condition.

She also helped me to determine how to give myself the very best chance to maintain my health by encouraging me to develop a regular fitness routine, a meditative practice and learn how to cook clean, wholesome and organic.

I am very grateful for her help and support.

CF Sailor

Film Scrap Recovery, American Recycling Co

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