Stress is a natural reaction that creates the will and motivation to take action, be it fight or flight. The problem happens when trauma slams into our life, knocking us into a place where unthinkable events replay in never ending loops through the mind and memory.
Panic attaches to our emotional center and refuses to back down; the worst has happened and we were not prepared. This cannot be allowed to happen again; that is the message for which we have no defense.
We do finally settle into a sort of normal, waking and sleeping and eating, socializing and working, loving and praying like everyone else. But in the background, that panic button is lit.
It waits for the slightest trigger to blast us back into full a blown explosion, reacting to the smallest upsets as if the world were ending!
Are you still reading? You might relate to my words from your own experiences with stress and trauma.
Some of us have had trauma after trauma pile up on us and have become hyper-vigilant, constantly on the lookout for any potential disaster. We read words, expressions, body language with a magnifying glass; projecting every possible outcome in microseconds and processing potential damage control activities against the likelihood of each projection coming to pass.
I cannot count the times trauma has visited me.
I am a survivor.
I have meltdowns where my emotions get away from me and carry me out into some dangerous territory, but I also have learned some valuable skills that enable me to save myself from self-abuse.
Meditations that allow me to explore the hidden recesses of my mind and allow me to generate love and forgiveness.
Exercises and yoga flows that allow me to expel the toxic mood and restore me to a level of joyful living.
Dietary habits that enable me to keep proper nutrition and hydration so I can recover much more quickly when I am under duress.
I took the time and spent the money to become educated;  I am an expert trained to alleviate stress and its damaging side-effects.
I can help you.
Make an appointment to schedule a Discovery Session with me.
I would love to be part of your solution.
There is some work involved here, and there is some expense as well, but YOU are worth it and so am I.
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