The term “brain fog” is getting tossed around a lot these days!

What does it mean?

My best description of this condition goes something like this:

I have a list in front of me. Everything I need to accomplish is on the list and I know how to do all those things. The problem is that I cannot do them!

If you have ever put together a jigsaw puzzle, you know the feeling. You found the piece you were looking for and just need to put in the place where it goes, you look away for a split second, and BAM!

You have lost your place and cannot find it.

The only real difference is that you do not have to look away to lose your place; it simply disappears.

Days like this are maddening and frustrating. They bring up feelings of self-recrimination and loss of confidence. They can sabotage a perfectly planned activity, and don’t even think about getting things done if you haven’t yet plotted the course, it will not happen until this fog clears!

This is a condition that is rapidly becoming epidemic and it is showing up in people with auto-immune conditions. Gluten intolerance, Thyroid disease and Leaky Gut Syndrome are just a few examples which all seem to be the result of an ever increasingly toxic environment.

It is usually accompanied by stubborn weight gain or loss, digestive upsets such as constipation or diarrhea, loss of energy, insomnia, chronic stress and many other unpleasant symptoms.bloodshot-1294920_1280

The only way most of us have found to manage it is through diet and lifestyle changes.

Eating humane and organic, learning how to meditate which can reduce susceptibility to stress and incorporating regular physical exercise are the most effective things we can do to control and arrest the progression of this condition.

I would be happy to discuss your unique situation with you and put together a plan that will help you master this situation and regain control of your life and your health.

You can click the following link to set up you your FREE 1 hour Discovery Session! I am certain we can get to the bottom of what is causing your brain fog and get things cleared up.

Please let me know what you think of this post, are you having any of these symptoms? I would love to hear about it!

Theresa Sailor

Integrative Lifestyle Coach

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