Has your metabolism skidded to a stop and left you feeling abandoned? Do you feel like just looking at delicious, rich, sweet and creamy foods cause you to gain weight?

You are not alone!

bananas-282313The truth is, we have been subjected to some really bad, really dangerous information based on science that is intent only on selling us a product.

Did you know that the best way to sell anything from food to medicine is to first create a problem that the product you intend to sell will solve?

Did you know that the so called ‘free’ programming on every television set in America is published for the consumer marketing industry?

Cartoons, soaps, dramas, investigative, reality; whatever you see is there for the sole purpose of selling you what is in the commercials.

The commercials are there to inform you about problems you may not even know you have, and quite frankly you may end up having only in your imagination!

Here is what happens to most of us.

We discover that we have gained 5-8 pounds over the winter and make a determination to lose the weight.

We may be inside of the first year after having a child. We do some research and decide to go on a low fat, low calorie diet. Perhaps we decide on 800-1200 calories per day.

We may be able to do this for a week? Two?

We might lose a few pounds, 3-5?

Yes, we are making a difference.

We likely decide to begin an exercise routine during this diet. Perhaps we join a group and do aerobics, yoga, Pilates, dance.

After a few weeks we begin to suffer severe cravings.

We are drawn like magnets to sugary, fatty, carb rich, easy to get junk food.

Maybe we resist for awhile, but eventually we crash.

We eat.

We eat like we will never stop, we eat like we have never eaten in our lives.

We cannot get it into ourselves fast enough, and find that a normal amount of food no longer satisfies us!

After a few weeks of this, guess what? We have gained back what we lost, and a few more to boot!

We ask ourselves, what happened?

We see slender, happy people every single day on every channel of every television.

They are sipping sugary soda, drinking hard liqueur, chowing on huge burgers and fries and ice cream and thick, fatty steaks!

They look right into your eyes and tell you this is what life is all about! Eating and drinking and wearing beautiful, designer clothes. Driving luxury cars and living in huge mansions with acres of green lawn and every vice you can imagine at your fingertips.

They tell you that gaining a few pounds can be easily solved, you can still eat the sugary, fatty, creamy and nutritionally useless foods if you take their drug, or buy their equipment.

Their drugs will magically make the pounds disappear!

They create fat free and sugar free products and tell you this is what you should eat and this will make you slender again.

They come up with artificial ingredients, chemical concoctions and synthetic vitamins and tell you this will solve the weight problem.

So you try it, and then comes another ‘solution’ and you try that, and so on it goes.

Meanwhile, you are miserable.

You are constantly craving processed, junk and sugar.

You cannot even lose a single pound no matter what you do after a while of treating your body to this kind of abuse.

Whats more is you no longer have any energy and can barely force yourself to exercise.

What happened?

Your body is starving. It has been robbing your bones for minerals that are not in the fake food.

It has been slowing down your metabolism to conserve what little nutrition it gets from the synthetic and artificial ingredients.

It has revved up its ability to extract every molecule of energy it can grab from the fat and sugar and carbs in the junk food it is getting.

Quite literally, your body is starving to death.

Next thing that happens, the toxins and chemicals begin to erode the lining of your intestines, you begin to experience digestive problems.

It wont be long before you have one form or another of auto-immune disease.

Heart disease?
Gluten Intolerence?

There are dozens of diseases that are the result of a combination of nutritional deficiencies and chemical toxicity.

The bigger problem is that you are also addicted to the wrong kinds of food.

Sugar, processed carbs, flavor enhancers, hormones, chemicals and synthetic ingredients of every kind imaginable.

Your body is in a chronic state of fight or flight, your organs are stressed, your mind has become foggy, you no longer can concentrate or enjoy activities you once loved.

This is where so many people have found themselves.

I found myself in this very situation, and I found my way out!

wellness-589771What has to happen if you are going to solve this problem is that your body must become accustomed to being cared for again.

You have to re-learn how to eat wholesome, nutritious foods again.

We must commit to practicing self care and giving ourselves what we truly deserve;

Love, forgiveness, nourishment, understanding.


Theresa Sailor

Integrative Lifestyle Coach

My mission is to be part of the solution!
I support women who have the desire to take charge of their mind, body and spirit.
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